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This Month's News:
199/08/11Stolar Replaced
1999/08/04SOA Announces DC Internet Plans
1999/08/02DC Delayed in AU and NZ
1999/07/22Sega Sports NBA 2000 Delayed

  Stolar Replaced Top
Wednesday, August 11, 1999 7:03:35 PM
  Sega of America today announced that COO Bernie Stolar is no longer with the company. Replacing him is Toshiro Kezuka. Kezuka has been named vice-chairman and COO of SoA. Kezuka joined SoA this year as a deputy chairman. Prior to that post he was a board member and head of domestic sales & distribution for Sega Enterprises. So, while many blame Stolar for the Saturn's failure, the question is, who is to blame for the apparent upcoming success of the Dreamcast? And, with the DC presales doing extremely well in the US, why has Stolar been replaced? According to the press release, "It is Sega's policy not to comment on personnel decisions." Generally, when high level employees leave a company on good terms, it is so stated. The official line as given by a Sega rep: SoA no longer has a president....the position occupied by Stolar is no longer necessary. Hmm, we'll see.

  SOA Announces DC Internet Plans Top
Wednesday, August 04, 1999 12:05:41 PM
  Today Sega of America announced their Dreamcast Internet Access partner: AT&T Worldnet. The service will allow for full Internet access from day one. The pricing plan has several tiers: Hourly: $9.95/mo for 10hours/mo, Standard: $19.95/mo for 150 hours/mo, and Unlimited $21.95/mo Unlimited access. Users on the Hourly and Standard pay plans will be charged $0.99 for each hour over their allotted times. Those who already have their own ISP can use that instead (I'm not sure how this would work for NetLinkers however). Just to make things a little interesting, people signing up with AT&T will get a free Dreamcast keyboard.

Sega has also made an agreement with IGN to supply news and reviews for the Dreamcast Network. The Network will also offer chat rooms, bulletin boards, e-mail and mini-games. The network will also allow for downloading and exchange of VMU data. Full online gaming is expected to be available next year.

  DC Delayed in AU and NZ Top
Monday, August 02, 1999 10:42:40 PM
  Sega Ozisoft has decided to delay the launch of the Dreamcast in Australia and New Zealand by one month moving the console to an October 1999 release. There have been numerous reasons cited for the delay. One major factor is the time needed to customize the browser software for the region is taking longer than expected. Another is the fact that Sega is still working on getting the networks in the area up to speed. Another strange note is that in the report (citing Ozisoft rep Steve O'Leary) is that Sega of Europe has decided to release only 5 games with the console, and thereafter releasing one new game a week until Christmas! Thus, according to the news the delay in AU and NZ allow for the console to launch with 10 games instead of 5. This places the launch in Late October. On Wednesday, SoE reps will formally announce their DC launch strategy.

  Sega Sports NBA 2000 Delayed Top
Thursday, July 22, 1999 7:15:38 PM
  It seems that the DC basketball game has been pushed back another month. It is now moved from an October release in the US to a November release. The delay was cited as necessary to add more features and refine the gameplay. Previously the game had been pushed from September to October release due to NBA rosters being unavailable on time.

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