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Just a little blurb...Over In Las Vegas, Nevada, the Fall COMDEX previews the latest products in the computer industry...akin to what the E3 is in the gaming industry. Hitachi and NEC brought over working Dreamcast consoles making it the first public demonstration of the Console in the US. The systems were run in demo modes.

Online DC Gaming CostsTop

Sega of Japan has announced today the cost of Internet access via the Dreamcast console: 5 Yen (~4 cents) per minute; without a membership fee. Without a membership fee, Sega will use a form of advance payment system, or "web money." That is, one may electronically purchase X minutes and the amount will be placed on some sort of Internet based card. Sega's general manager of network development expects 30-40% of Dreamcast owners in Japan to access the Internet via the console.

More VF3 TB Pictures and MoviesTop

Over on Sega of Japan's Virtua Fighter 3 TB page, some new images, and an extended video-clip of the game have been posted along with shorter video clips (same footage as the longer one, but broken up into shorter higher res clips). While the video clip is only 15fps, it still shows the high 3D quality of the game in terms of polygon count. Check it out along with the images as the game is looking great!

VF RPG To Be Unveiled On Dec. 20thTop

VF RPG also known as Project Berkeley is Yu Suzuki's original Dreamcast project. Work on the game started just after development on VF3 was completed. The game will be officially shown to the public on December 20th at the Pacific Yokohama in Yokohama. The event is free to all to attend and can accommodate up to 5,000 people. Yu Suzuki says that the event will be longer than the Sonic Adventure showing, having 40 minutes to 1 hour of actual game footage (only 1% of the game). The scale of the game is so great that calling it an RPG would be misleading. Instead Sega has chosen to create a new genre for the game called 'FREE.' FREE stands for Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment. At the event, posters, T-shirts, music CDs and other souvenirs will be made available.

Sonic Adv. and Rally 2 DelayedTop

Citing development difficulties, Sega of Japan has announced that Sonic Adventure and Sega Rally 2 for the Dreamcast have been delayed. Sonic Adventure is now set for a December 23rd launch (vs. Dec 17). While Rally 2 has been pushed back much further to a January 14th launch (vs. Nov 27). Sega claims that Rally 2 has been delayed in order to implement multi player modes. As it stands now, four games are set to launch with the Dreamcast: Virtua Fighter 3 TB, Godzilla Generations, July, and Pen Pen TriIcelon. Incoming may make the Nov. 27th release, but its not official and is still listed for a late December launch. After the initial titles come out, one will have to wait nearly a month until the next group comes. Too bad, though, I'd rather wait a bit longer for a great game than have a good game now.

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