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News From April 1999:

Iomega and Sega MeetTop

Today, Iomega and Sega announced that they had reached an agreement to use Iomega's Zip Drive in an upcoming peripheral for the Dreamcast. The drive will use Iomega's 100Meg Zip Disk technology, while Sega plans to also sell their own brand of disks for the drive. The drive is expected to ship during the 3rd quarter 1999 as an add on to the DC. Interesting that this 3rd quarter is also the launch of the DC in the US and Europe. This add-on will offer gamers a better permanent storage solution to hold Web data as well as e-mail and other things. Perhaps even it can be used for Save game data, which would alleviate the need for owning multiple VM cards since a single Zip disk costing as little as $10 holds tons more data, at a lower price than the VM cards. Hmm...another use I can think of is using the drive to store updated game data, such as statistics for sports games, program feature updates, and other goodies. The Press Release also makes note that the information is quite preliminary and could change at any time. Iomega's Zip drive is already in wide use in all sorts of computers around the world, and some may claim it as the leading floppy disk replacement.

Thanks to K9Crpse for pointing me to the PR...I may have missed it as it was well hidden.

Various DC NewsTop

There were lots of little DC stores this week, here's the lowdown:

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