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    Well, my real name is Greg Wittel, I'm a recent graduate of Rio Americano High School, Class of 1998. I'm entering U.C. Davis this fall; Being carted off to a new stage of life. But as I look back upon the past four years in high school, I see that I am not ready to forget it, not ready to burn the bridges that link the past to the approaching future.

    Me Who is he? Curious question. For this person, he, is me you see. Born in the eighties, I grew up on cartoons that rule over all that new american crap out there. Watching Transformers, G.I Joe, Smurfs, Scoobie Doo, and or course, the classics from MGM and WB. In this decade I was also introduced to gaming. First on a C64 I played. Mastering many events in the famous 'Games' series from Epyx. Moving on, my brother got an NES. I wasn't allowed to use it much <g>, but that's ok I was happy playing Jumpman, Burning Rubber, Firefox, Summer/Winter/World/California Games, and other classics, shattering all the high scores my bro worked so hard at obtaining. Then the Sega Genesis came in 1989....

    So shortly after I got my Genesis, a new decade began. With the new console, I was amazed by the graphics and incredible playability of so many games. Their simplicity allowed one to not have to read the manual, memorize a million 'moves', they were just plain fun. Games that could be played over, and over, and over...In Columns I once got to level 137. A 4+ hour session. My eyes hurt afterward. Hmm...what changed in the 90s? Well, I still watched cartoons, but they longer were the 80s hits on TV. They were supplanted by strange imitations, with really poor animation and were overall stupid. There were a few exceptions though, Animaniacs and Batman stood above the rest of the crap. Anyway, soon I began playing some computer games here and there on the dated family 286. Eventually we got a new computer, at the time it was a top of the line 486/66. I was soon introduced to a new world of gaming with 256 color graphics, and even more amazing A/V shows called demos. Demos came from the Amiga world, essentially a showcase of the latest graphics tricks combined with a soundtrack and often presented as a short dramatic production. The greats such as Future Crew, Orange, and Tran attracted my attention and soon pulled me into the world of coding...

    I began exploring programming languages such as C and Pascal. I made a few basic things, even half finished a custom text user interface for an electronic magazine. Then I took my first steps onto the WWW in 1995. After seeing so many 'cool' sites, I decided to create my own. After two weeks of heavy development (and learning HTML), dEX was created. No, not as it is today...few things have remained the same actually. Essentially what has stuck since its creation is the color scheme. I like it...I'm tired of the cliché black & white pages. I wanted to be original. So I am....

    Anyway, so now its 1998, my interests have changed somewhat. Back in '95 I was really into video games. Today, while I still enjoy them, I've other hobbies that I love as well, things such as photography, graphics (2D, 2d, etc), the arts really. I like to write a lot, as I'm generally am better able to express my thoughts and feelings that way. I've been told by others that I'm a kick ass writer..dunno, maybe that's why I keep this site write.


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