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About dEX introduction

    Welcome to digital extremes. Here you will find the latest information on the Sega Saturn. Also at dEX you will find a computer graphics section, and a software section. In development are two major new areas: A Genesis/Megadrive section, and of course, a Dreamcast area. They will be up when they are ready...newsletters will mention status of their development etc.

    Launched in late November 1995, dEX has gone through many changes over time. I hope to continue constantly updating dEX and make it one of the better places to visit on the web. Currently all of what is on the dEX Website is the work of myself and several people nice enough to contribute reviews. A special thanks goes out to them. If you would like to submit something, just drop me a line. I would like to build up a group of dedicated people who would like to help me continue the management of dEX. Whether it is via sending reviews of Sega Saturn games, the latest news, or submissions for other parts of dEX, I would appreciate any help or insight that you can provide. Thanks for supporting my efforts, and I hope that you will continue to do so!

    In designing this site, the target browser is Netscape Navigator 3.x. However, the site works just fine in other browsers. It is also helpful if you view dEX in 800x600 resolution and 16-bit or better color. Some of the graphics will appear rather large in lower resolutions. I've designed the site with quality content in mind rather than the latest Web technologies, which are merely eye candy. I hope you enjoy your stay!

the making

    For the development of the HTML portion of these pages I originally used Sausage Software's Hot Dog HTML Editor. Recently though, I have been unhappy with the direction the program has been taking with the 32-bit versions. Its much slower, larger, and the interface is klunkier compared to its 16-bit predecessor, but alas I've found a much better program: WebEdit Pro by Nesbitt Software. Though, since WebEdit was sold to Luckman Interactive, the development of WebEdit has all but ended. Therefore, I have again switched to another program. This time, HomeSite 2.5. Its a most excellent editor and is continually being worked on.

    In the graphics department, I mainly used Adobe's Photoshop. For the bulk of the graphics and logos, I generally have used the various filters that come with Photoshop. Though, at (rare) times, I have used filters by Alien Skin and MetaTools.

need writers
    Hello all...dEX is in need of writers for a few areas. No you won't get paid but you will have my gratitude. Right now we need:

    • Reviewers for Sega games
    • Writers on related gaming topics. E-mail me if you are interested.


Questions or comments? Contact dEX.