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Pinning what some call their last hopes on the little grey box with the orange logo, Sega seeks to retake control of the video gaming market from the industry newcomer, Sony. After major losses outside of Japan with the Saturn, Sega has learned from its mistakes and now seems to be on the right path for a healthy future. While bugs from rushed titles marred the Saturn's reputation in the field, Sega is now taking a much more patient approach to releasing games. Launching with just four titles, the system is set to change the console market as we know it. The console has the power to greatly succeed. With the North American and European release one year away, developers will have sufficient time to learn the system. Creating much more impressive games for the launch; unlike the Saturn's surprise May 1995 US launch which alienated not only developers, but retailers, and gamers alike. The question is, while Sega has the right tools to accomplish their goals, will the tools be utilized correctly?
Specs 05/11/00 Inside The Tiny Box
Data Closet 06/13/00 Information on the Wonderbox
Release Dates 05/11/00 Coming In The Not So Distant Future
Now Available 05/11/00 In Stores Now
Reviews 05/11/00 Is the box worth more than the game?
Snapshots 05/11/00 Images of glory
Codes 05/11/00 Stuck? Lost? Confused?

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