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There are already many web sites dedicated to game cheats, FAQs, walkthroughs and other 'helper' documents. While there is no way that one can possibly keep track of every code out there, this area exists as a good starting point in finding what you're looking for. Right now there are very few known codes for Dreamcast games. As time passes, and the amount of games available increases, the number of codes out there will most certainly go up and I will then more thoroughly organize the codes section.

Virtua Fighter 3: TB - 12/24/98

  • Play as Gold Dural: Press Start + Y + A at the character selection screen. This this only works in Training mode.
  • Play as Silver Dural: Press Start + X + A at the character selection screen.
  • Play as Alphabet Character: In Normal Mode, highlight Akira, press Start, highlight Lion, press Start, highlight Pai, press Start, then choose any character, he/she will become the Alphabet character. The Alphabet character's moves depends on the character you pick.

Pen Pen Tricelon - 01/18/99

  • Play as Hanamuizu: Win all of the races twice, while also earning a gold medal. He will then be unlocked.

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