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Monday, June 24, 2002 8:16:32 AM

This is a quick notice that a spammer is using my domain name,, as the return e-mail address in their junk e-mail. I have never, and will never send unsolicited e-mail. I have a very strong dislike of those who do so. Go here for more information about spam.

Thursday, May 11, 2000 4:57:50 PM

So, it has been over seven months since you've heard from me. For that I am sorry. Unfortunately, due to school I have scant time to maintain dEX at the level that I once did. The move to a new domain was long planned, and finally I had the money to do so. On the new server I'll have lots more space, along with the ability to make dEX much more dynamic. This means a total redesign. At this time I'm still working on the basic page layout..and for months now have been fleshing out a general backend. Hopefully, time will permit me to implement this in the near future.

The site thus far has essentially been 'ported' to work on the new server, but there are still some bugs to work out, and hopefully they will be ironed out within a few days. Let me know if you encounter any problems. I can be reached via e-mail at: g (at) dextremes (dot) com. If you have sent me e-mail recently and not gotten a reply, please be patient. Thank you for your continued support.

Monday, September 27, 1999 8:22:47 PM

Hey all, just a note to say that I'm still alive. I've been very busy the past few days moving and preparing for the beginning of what looks like to be a very busy quarter at UCD. Though, its nice to be back and see some friends I've not seen over the summer break. Anyway, for now I'm still having to deal with lots of money questions and picking out a local ISP as I cannot call into my account at Midtown...Its ridiculous since Midtown is about 15 miles from where I am yet a call there is long distance. Ah well, I know that many of you out there have to pay quite a bit more for telephone calls. Regards,

 09/17/1999 @ 9:27AM (-0800)
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