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News From August 1997:

Bandai & Sega...again.Top

Source: Nikkei English News

Bandai Co. will place priority on developing game software for the Sega Saturn home video-game machine, company officials said. Although a proposed merger with Sega Enterprises Ltd. (7964) was canceled, the two companies maintain business ties, the officials said.

The policy applies only to games using original Bandai characters. The first game software developed under the system will be released in March. Versions of games for other machines will not be released until at least several months after the release of Saturn software.

Sega Gamer's Day ReportTop

A yearly event, Sega Gamer's day previewed the fall lineup for the Saturn. Sega showed many games, but there weren't many 3rd party games shown. The first party games shown at Gamers Day were: Duke Nukem 3D, Enemy Zero, Last Bronx, NBA Action '98, NHL All-Stars '98, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Quake, Saturn Bomberman, Sega Touring Car Championship, Sonic R, and Worldwide Soccer '98.

Of the few 3rd party games shown, Capcom had the most: Resident Evil, Megaman X4, and Marvel Super Heroes. The US release MSH will still work with or without the RAM cart. Other 3rd noteable party titles included Fox's Croc, EA's Madden '98, and Working Designs port of Sega Ages. Members of the press who attended also mentioned that Sega has several (incredible) suprises coming for the Saturn coming in '98. They mention a "top secret game" that they say is a "huge ace up Sega's sleeve."

Other Gamer's Day News:

First NetLink Games ArriveTop

Sega has begun to sell NetLink versions of Virtual On and Sega Rally. For online play, the two games are direct connect only, that is you will have to call the number to which the other NetLink is connected. For current Sega Saturn Net Link owners, Sega is selling the two games and the new PlanetWeb software (v3.0) for $24.99. You also get a NetLink t-shirt. Stores such as Electronics Boutique will be selling the games in a few days. Note: For the special promotion, Sega will not take orders until August 15th. For more info, go here.

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