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News From January 1999:

Dreamcast Titles: Changes Outsite Japan?Top

A Sega spokesman has recently commented on Western versions of a few titles. Currently underway is the US and UK translation of Sonic Adventure. The game will also be enhanced for Western audiences. Voices and text will be translated to english and graphics will be updated. There will also be some minor bugs fixes such as the occasional bad camera angle issues. Shenmue will however, remain unchanged due to the large amount of Japanese speech in the game. Most likely the game will instead feature Enlish subtitles. My take: I'd go for subtitles any day over crappy lip-syncing and dubs.

Irimajiri Reveals Future PlansTop

In an interview with Asia BizTech, Sega head, Shoichiro Irimajiri explained his plans for Sega over the next five years. First off, he plans for Sega to get more than 50% of the total world market share in the home console market within five years. Such dominance was last achieved several years ago when the Sega Genesis/Megadrive had up to a 60% share of the global market. Thus, they will be pushing the Dreamcast very hard especially outside of Japan. Regarding the often slipping release dates and lack of hardware availability effecting the Dreamcast's ability to succeed, Irimajiri stated that while "It's true that production hasn't caught up...I don't think the delay in production will bar its popularization." Irimajiri believes the hardware production problem will be resolved early this year.

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