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News From July 1997:

3Dfx Relationship Officially EndedTop

The title is self explanatory. As earlier reported, Sega has ended their contract with 3Dfx. They made no official comment on what technology will be used in their next console system instead, however use of a PowerVR variant is expected.

PowerVR or 3Dfx?Top

This is a clip from a Microprocessor Report summary (Vol. 11, Issue 9): Sega 64 dumps 3Dfx for PowerVR. While this news is perhaps referring to Sega's PC games, I think that it may reflect on Sega's new system. If they choose the PowerVR for the PC, it would make sense to use the same chipset in their next console system thus speeding conversion from either platform. I also find it strange that they use the words 'Sega 64,' is this referring to a new system? All is speculation, but I still think its an interesting tidbit.

Konami May Directly Market In USTop

Recently, reps from Konami USA have posted a message to various Usenet newsgroups (such as r.g.v.sega) asking if gamers would be interested in buying certain games direct from Konami. Here's the message:

Konami is asking gamers to e-mail them and let them know how they feel about having Salamander CD and Gradius Cd packs released here in the U.S. If you really like shooters, here is your chance to express your feelings to a company that cares how you feel about certain games. Don't hestitate to e-mail your thought to Konami. Unlike other games companies (Square - Tobol #2, Final Fantasy pack,) Konami is actaully listening to their fans. It's about time someone does. E-mail Konami at

I would be happy to see these games in the US. However, I am curious about the statement "Konami is actually listening to their fans." This seems strange coming from a company that won't bring over any of their Saturn games to the US despite high demand from gamers. Perhaps Konami is ready to listen now. Please take a moment to send a little message to Konami stating your concerns. It would be a good time also to request bringing over Policenauts (sequel to Snatcher).

Duke 3d and Quake Looking GoodTop

Source CVG (British):
As you know, both Duke 3D and Quake development has been going well on the Saturn. In fact, Duke 3D on Saturn is better looking than the PSX version with a higher frame rate and stronger visual quality. The light sourcing is extremely well done. The N64 version of Duke 3D is smoother than the Saturn version but I'm told its not as good looking overall. Quake is even better! On the two levels available, enemies look sharp and the lighting effects are extremely good. The frame rate is higher than PSX Duke 3D amounting to smooth gameplay. The game also looks better than the N64 version of Quake! It is rumored that Quake for the PSX has been cancelled because a engine that was fast enough could not be developed.

No NetLink In EuropeTop

This news is a little old, but I forgot to mention it in yesterdays newsletter. At this time there are no plans to release the NetLink in Europe because of disappointing sales in the US. Perhaps when the networkable games come out, sales will pick up.

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