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News From October 1998:

MDK2 For DCTop

BioWare Corp has announced today that they have been developing MDK2 for the Dreamcast. The game continues from the original MDK by Shiny. Using BioWare's Omen Engine the game "provides an unsurpassed single-player experience with totally new and unique gameplay elements driven by ingenuity and creativity." The engine allows for complex AI scripting, and realistic object physics along with extremely high quality graphics. The game is set for a Q4 '99 release and will be published by Interplay.

Greg Zeschuk, President and Joint CEO of BioWare, explaisn that, "MDK2 represents the pinnacle of single player games. Our aim with MDK2 is to explore new directions and expand beyond the constrictive environments established in other 3D games." On the Dreamcast console Lead Programmer on MDK2 Cameron Tofer, says, "The Dreamcast hardware gives us all of the features that we could ever want from a gaming system. Because of the Dreamcast we are able to take MDK2 further than we ever imagined."

DC Launch In US/EuropeTop

Next Generation Online is reporting that Shoichiro Irimajiri, President of Sega Enterprises, has revealed that Sega plans a simultaneous September 1999 launch of the console in Europe and North America. He would not give any other details...Sounds cool to me, but no major info on the Sept '99 release...then one year from now is a long way off as so many things can change, especially from the software standpoint.

Dreamcast Launch InfoTop

Ok, you already know the bulk of the details out there...but here's a quick summary of what one can expect on November 27.

Launch Details
Date:November 27
Price:¥29 800 ($220US)
Includes:33.6kbs Modem, Internet Software, one controller, cables.
Launch Titles:Godzilla Generations, July, Pen Pen Triathalon, Sega Rally 2, and Virtua Fighter 3 TB.
Peripherals:Visual Memory Cart (¥2500), Dreamcast Controller (¥2500),Steering Wheel (¥4500), Arcade Stick (¥5800), Keyboard (¥4500).
Exchange rates as of October 6, 1998.
1 Japanese Yen = 0.007415 US Dollar/1 US Dollar (USD) = 134.862 Japanese Yen (JPY).

Sonic Adventure has been pushed to December 17th release so that the game can have some final touches put in it. Capcom has announced that their next game in the Biohazard series will be exclusive to the Dreamcast platform, the game is being titled Biohazard Code Veronica. Namco has also recently announced that they will be speaking on their Dreamcast efforts at this year's Tokyo Toy Show. Because Namco and Sega are big rivals in the arcade market it remains rather questionable as to what sort of games they will be making for the DC.

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