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Welcome to my photography gallery. Thus far, I have taken a year of classes which worked only with 35mm black & white film. I currently am beginning to explore color photography and plan to eventually move into medium and large format work. I will gradually add more scans of prints when I have the time to do so. The images are scans of prints which means there is some degradation of image quality and sharpness when compared to the originals. Each gallery contains up to three images. Once it contains three, another gallery will be added. The list below is a log of additions made to the gallery and where the image has been added. If you have any questions or comments on the photos, feel free to ask!

Photo Gallery Update Status:

Equipment Used:

  1. In Class:
    • Pentax K-1000 Camera, 50mm f/2.8 lens
    • Beseler Printmaker 35 Enlarger
  2. At Home:
    • Camera: Pentax Spotmatic F (old, old, old.)
    • Lenses (all manual focus): 28mm f/3.5, 50mm f/1.4 (rear lens element radioactive), 80-200mm f/4.5, and a 2x doubler.
    • A nice black Bogen 3211 tripod with a cheapo pan head soon to be replaced with a ball head.
    • Various tungsten and halogen lights.
    • Omega C760XL Dichro Enlarger, 50/2.8 Nikkor, Gra-Lab 450R timer (hate the 'improved' digital switches.)
  3. Choice Supplies:
    • Paper: Ilford Multigrade IV RC (MW, Glossy.)
    • BW Film: Ilford FP4 Plus (EI 125), HP5+ (EI 400/800), PanF+ (EI 50/100.), and other Ilford films and sometimes Kodak T-Max 100/400.
    • Color Film: Fuji Reala (EI 100), Super G 100/800, Kodak Gold 25 (nice for landscape), and Fuji slide films.
    • Chemicals: Kodak D-76, Indicator Stop Bath, Fixer, and Dektol. Possible future switch to Ilford chems.

Images © 1997-2000 Greg Wittel.
May not be distributed or reused in any way without explicit written permission.

Questions or comments? Contact dEX.