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Grey Matter

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A scan simply does not do this shot justice. Shot along the American River at about 8 AM one Autumn morning. I used Ilford PanF+ (EI100). Unfortunately, the scan loses a lot of the shadow detail and sharpness of the original print. The clouds were added from a second negative which really made it a pain to print. Spent about 8 hours total getting the final print made as I had to deal with lots of local dodging, burning, and some minor contrast adjustment. Original 8x10. This shot was reprinted and re-scanned at better quality on 12/22/98
American River 1 - 12/22/98
Alfani Wool - 2/13/98 Another image shot with strong side lighting also using a 100mm lens. This one was difficult to shoot as the side lighting was coming toward the camera causing some nasty flare (which a hood didn't remedy.) I really liked how the low angle lighting (sunlight) revealed the texture and softness of the wool, while also highlighting the semi transparent white label. Shot on HP5+.
An image of a Japanese maple. I believe this was shot on FP4+ with a 100mm lens at f2.8 or 4. Essentially a straightforward shot. The side lighting made for some really nice shadows. The pic could use a bit more contrast perhaps. The background and some leaves were burned in 1-200% to retain some detail in the highlights. Japanese Maple - 2/13/98

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