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Color Gallery 1
Big Sunrise - 2/13/98 The full size image isn't very big as this is a scan from a 4x6" print. The only other print I have is 16x20" and impossible for me to scan. I shot this sunrise as a series, this was my favorite shot of the sun peeking over the horizon. As you can see, the clouds were quite beautiful this day. It was shot with a 28mm lens at f16 and a polarizing filter. I used Fuji Reala (ISO 100) film.
This is the color version of the Rose & Pearls image and B&W Gallery #3. Shot on Fuji Reala, printed on Kodak Ektacolor Ultra II (0,45,70 CMY). I've color matched the scan to the original print to the best of my abilities. I used a 100mm lens at f2.8 on my Pentax and lighting was sunlight which was directed torward the camera. Due to JPEG compression, some artifacts are obvious in the large image. Red

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