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Welcome to the Ramblings area of dEX. Someone once told me I was a damn good writer. Ok, they didn't use those exact words, but that's what was meant. Thus, I've posted some of my works here. Everything thus far posted consists of academic papers I've written either my Jr. or Sr. year in high school. Eventually, I'll get around to writing more personal works....At the beginning of each essay I will give you some background information on it. Several of the essays will be on books and the issues that are addressed in them. Most are presented as they were when turned in, so you may see a few typos here and there :). None of the articles contained within can be re-used in any manner without permission from me.

TitleSubjectTypeDate Posted
A Sabreur's QuietusThings Fall ApartFormal Essay4/24/98
Forming A BalanceSiddharthaFormal Essay4/24/98
A Fabrication of RealityDoctor ZhivagoCritital Evaluation4/24/98
Necessary ChangesFrankensteinProblem/Solution Essay4/24/98
At The Lip of The CaveOedipus RexFormal Essay4/24/98
War Is WarGoing After CacciatoCritical Evaluation8/12/97
Too Fast As Holden CaulfieldCreative Writing8/12/97
Obstacles In LifeA Yellow Raft In Blue WaterFormal Essay8/12/97
OutsidersThe Woman WarriorFormal Essay8/12/97
The Evils of CivilizationPersecutionFormal Essay10/20/96

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