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Welcome to the dEX gallery. This place is a showcase of graphics created in Photoshop, PovRay, 3D-Studio and other popular computer graphics packages. The graphics are done by myself unless otherwise noted. Click on the thumbnail for the full size image. More images to come.

Sunflower by Psykik This one I developed in three programs. First, the sunflower was modelled in 3D Studio r4. It was then rendered in greyscale and colorized in Photoshop. The Vase was modelled and rendered again in greyscale in Rhino 3D. Colorized in Photoshop as well. The full size image is 341x600 and 55kb.
Created using blobs/metaballs in Imagine. At first I started with just the blobs and was going to make it into a new welcome image for dEX. After a bit of messing around though, I changed my mind and decided to make it another thing to add to my gallery. This one was created in Imagine. Click on the thumbnail for a full size image: 800x600, 136k. Its worth it! Blobby by Psykik
Forest by Psykik This image was partially inspired by the many forest fires in the west this summer. I created this image completely in Photoshop. In the development of this image, I took extensive advantage of the Variations filter, as well as the HLS adjusters. My page at the bottom, was created using a mixture of lighting effects, and the Carve filter from Alien Skin's Black Box.
Created in Imagine by Impulse, this image was a toy for me. I was messing around with the caustic lighting effects, and visible light. I created this quite a while ago.
Again, created in Imagine, this animation was another toy. I played with the shredder effect, as well as motion blur. The object itself is a simple sphere with 4 texture layers: 1. The Pupil (Iris texture). 2. The Iris (same texture different settings). 3. The vanes (The Sparks or electric texture). 4. The eyeball it self (plain white).

Click on the thumbnail to download the animation. Its in Flic format.

Images © 1995-2000 Greg Wittel.
May not be distributed or reused in any way without explicit written permission.

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