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The Sega CD (aka Mega CD) was released in 1991. It was the second CD based mass market console released that year. As an add-on to the Genesis it promised expanded storage, enhanced graphics, and CD quality sound. The first titles were little more than cart based games with CD audio. While RPGs benefited greatly, titles of other genres never helped the peripheral succeed. The CD also spawned two Genesis/CD combos including the JVC X-Eye (aka Wondermega) and the tiny Sega CDX.

Sega Genesis/Megadrive Sega/Mega CD Sega 32X
748 Games
Last Update: 9/20/1998
147 Games
Last Update: 9/20/1998
36 Games
Last Update: 9/20/1998

Sega CD Games: Q-ZTop
Racing AcesFlight Sim?
Radical RexPlatformActivision
RDF Global ConflictShooterAbsolute
Revenge of the NinjaFMV/ActionRenovation
Revengers of VengeanceFighting?
Rise of the DragonMysteryDynamix
Road AvengerFMV/RacingRenovation
Road RashRacingElectronic Arts
Robo AlesteShooterTengen
Samurai ShodownFightingSNK
Secret of Monkey IslandStrategyLucas Arts
Sega Classics 4-in-1 CD* Columns, Golden Axe, Revenge of Shinobi, Streets of RageVariousSega
Sega CDX Classics 5-in-1 CD:4 games above and Super Monaco GPVariousSega
Sewer SharkFMV/ShooterDigital Pictures
Shadow of the Beast 2PlatformElectronic Arts
Sherlock HolmesFMV/MysterySega
Sherlock Holmes 2FMV/MysterySega
Shining Force CDRPGSega
Slam City with Scottie PippenFMV/SportsDigital Pictures
Sol FeaceShooterWolf Team
Sonic CDPlatformSega
Space AceFMV/ActionReadysoft
Space AdventureMystery/ComicReadysoft
Star Wars ChessStrategyLucas Arts
Star Wars Rebel AssaultFMV/ActionLucas Arts
Stellar FireShooterDynamix
Supreme WarriorFMV/FightingDigital Pictures
Surgical StrikeFMV/ShooterSega
Three Ninjas/HookPlatformSega
Third World WarStrategy/SimKoei
Time GalFMV/AdventureRenovation
Tomcat AlleyFMV/ShooterSega
Trivial PursuitTriviaVirgin
Ultraverse Prime/MicrocosmShooterPsygnosis
VayRPGWorking Designs
Wheel of FortunePuzzleSony
Who Shot Johnny Rock?FMV/ShooterAmerican Laser Games
Wild WoodyPlatformSega
Willy BeamishFMV/PuzzlerRenovation
Wing CommanderShooterOrigin
World Championship Soccer '94SportsSega
World Cup USA 94SportsElectronic Arts
WWF Rage in the CageWrestlingAcclaim
*Note: Sega CD 4-in-1 disc had Super Monaco GP on it, but for some reason it (Monaco) was disabled in the US version.

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