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The Sega CD (aka Mega CD) was released in 1991. It was the second CD based mass market console released that year. As an add-on to the Genesis it promised expanded storage, enhanced graphics, and CD quality sound. The first titles were little more than cart based games with CD audio. While RPGs benefited greatly, titles of other genres never helped the peripheral succeed. The CD also spawned two Genesis/CD combos including the JVC X-Eye (aka Wondermega) and the tiny Sega CDX.

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748 Games
Last Update: 9/20/1998
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Last Update: 9/20/1998
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Last Update: 9/20/1998

Sega CD Games: I-PTop
INXS: Make my VideoMusic VideoSega
Iron HelixAction/PuzzlerDrew Pictures
Jaguar XJ220RacingElectronic Arts?
Joe Montana NFL FootballSportsSega
Jurassic ParkActionSega
Keio's Flying SquadronShooterVic Tokai
Kids on SiteEdutainmentAcc;aim
Kriss KrossMusic VideoSega
Lawnmower ManAction/StrategySCI
Lethal EnforcersShooterKonami
Lethal Enforcers 2: GunfightersShooterKonami
Links: the Challenge of GolfSportsVirgin
Lords of ThunderShooterHudson
Lunar: The Silver StarRPGWorking Designs
Lunar: Eternal BlueRPGWorking Designs
Mad Dog McCreeFMV/ShooterAmerican Laser Games
Mad Dog McCree 2: Lost GoldFMV/ShooterAmerican Laser Games
Mansion of Hidden SoulsFMV/StrategySega
Marky MarkMusic VideoSega
Masked RiderFMV/ActionSega
Mega RaceRacingMindscape
Mickey ManiaPlatformSony
Midnight RaidersFMV/ShooterSega
Mighty Morphin Power RangersFMV/FightingSega
Mortal Kombat CDFightingAcclaim
My PaintEdutainmentSega
NBA Jam CDSports/BasketballAcclaim
NFL TriviaEdutainmentCapitol Multimedia
NFL Greatest TeamsFMV/SportsSega
NHL '94SportsElectronic Arts
Night TrapFMV/ActionSega
Nova StormShooterSony
Panic!Puzzler/HumorData East
Popful MailRPGWorking Designs
Power FactoryMusic VideoSony
Power MongerStrategy/SimKoei
Prince of PersiaPlatformSega
Prize FighterFMV/SportsSega

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