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Power Stone - Capcom - 1999/02/25Top

The Naomi based arcade fighter will be moving to the Dreamcast in a version that is exactly the same, even with some extra features. I suppose the closest comparison would be Capcom's classic game Final Fight, brought into a full 3D world. There will be eight characters available in the game, each with differing abilities etc. Attacks may come from any direction, and as with most other beat 'em ups, there is no block feature; action is fast and continuous. A new feature is the 'Grip' command. This command causes the character to throw items at others, or use the same item to block an attack, or use it for some fancy moves (such as swinging around a pole). Such environment interaction makes the game much more dynamic with many elements changing all the time. The Dreamcast version will have three hidden fighters that will be unlocked via a form of time release system. The game has done quite well both in arcades and on the Dreamcast. Once players get used to the title, the 3D aspect becomes second nature. No word on a US release, but its quite probable that it would happen in the future.

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