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Specials: [ Steve Hutchins in #sega - 12.15.97 ]

In EfNet's #sega channel, we were able to coax Sega of America's Steve Hutchins to come over for a little interview. All sorts of topics were covered. I was unable to attend the interview and only made it in during the post conference discussion.

<`Vidd> Welcome, Mr. Hutchins
<Hutch> Alright, lets roc..
<Hutch> Thanks Vidd
<`Vidd> ok...let's start this up
<`Vidd> First let me introduce Steve
<`Vidd> Steve has been producing/creating PC and videogames since 1990, starting with games for the TGX-16 system. He has previously worked for Mindscape, with games for the tgX-16 system. he has previously worked for mindscape, and have been at Sega now for 1 1/2 years. A few of the games he produced for Saturn includes NiGHTS, Fighting Vipers, Virtual On, Virtua Cop 2, Die Hard Arcade, Fighters Megamix, and most recently Last Bronx and QUAKE.
<Hutch> ..a wild ride so far..hehe
<`Vidd> Well Steve, any opening speech? :)
<Chaotix> oohhhh....what TGX games? :P
<Hutch> No speech yet... TGX...hmm
<`Vidd> hey, did i say you can ask yet, chao???
<`Vidd> :P
<`Vidd> j/k
<Chaotix> heh
<Hutch> Sonic Spike hha
<Chaotix> I couldn't resist
<Hutch> and Tricky Kick...lame, but SINISTRON was cool
<Chaotix> ah, good Volleyball game :p I have Trick Kick too :)
<Chaotix> anyway, about Sega... :)
<Hutch> Yes...
<`Vidd> This channel is moderated...if you have a question, message `Vidd ONCE and you'll recieve a number. For convience, please have your question ready. For the time being, I'll allow 2 questions each so that hopefully everyone gets a chance.
<WarTOV> heh
<`Vidd> ok opening words?
<Hutch> is cool to be here and all, I will answer any thing I can (within reason and as honestly as I can) These are my views , not corprate Sega
<`Vidd> cool
<`Vidd> ok...let the questions begin
<`Vidd> first up
<`Vidd> ATO
<Hutch> The names have been changed to protect the guilty
<ATO> hehe
<`Vidd> hehheh
<`Vidd> names like Dural and katana?
<`Vidd> :P
<Chaotix> and Millenium
<Chaotix> :)
<`Vidd> couldnt resist
<ping> Or Pingstation
<ATO> Hi, question 1, is there anything hot that you are involved on in the pipeline that you can tell us about?
<Hutch> Thats a new one...!
<Chaotix> Hutch: seriously, it should be Millenium =>
<ping> Hutch, tell sega to really consider Pingstation!
<`Vidd> ping, chao...shut up :)
<Hutch> Ok, semi-vauge answers on this..1st Sega is still doing some killer Saturn stuff..for early
<Hutch> next year. Some good coin-op ports and ...More great RPGs
<ATO> ok, we need more RPGs :)
<Hutch> As for other , mysterious stuff for new systems, well we are not sitting on our hands , no sir..
<Hutch> They are us
<Hutch> Panzer is so cool looking
<ATO> next question: How come Thunderforce V was passed over for release here?
<Hutch> Hmm...I am embarassed to say that is one I don't know of..was it a third party title..? or Sega Japan?
<|Dustin|> 3rd party
<ATO> it was by Technosoft in Japan
<ATO> Sega of America ported Thunderforce 2 and 4 here, Technosoft did 3
<Hutch> Then it is the decision of the original publisher...but they usually try to offer it to us too... I had not seen it come through our US sel
<ATO> the rumor on the net at the time (earlier this year) was that SoA passed it up because it had "dated gameplay"
<Hutch> selection process...
<`Vidd> ok ato...your time's up
<ATO> next!
<ATO> I'll ask more later :)
<Hutch> the months and year before Shing Holy Ark was out, our Marketing yoyos were really unsure about RPGs
<`Vidd> next question... nitemare
<nitemare_> What are your future plans for Sega? Are you currently working on any other game?
<Hutch> that I can happily say has changed..that and a few firings..heh
<`Vidd> For those just joining us....
<`Vidd> This channel is moderated...if you have a question, message `Vidd ONCE and you'll recieve a number. For convience, please have your question ready. For the time being, I'll allow 2 questions each so that hopefully everyone gets a chance.
<nitemare_> How do you think the reaction to quake was? Was it all that you expected?
<Hutch> Right now I am planning a vacation..I need it..ha But I will be into a pre-production phase for "new" stuff within weeks..;)
<Hutch> You tell me, (Quake Saturn right?) too early to say from is the word online..?
<Hutch> as for the game it is better than I and Carmack ever dreamed...
<`Vidd> ok... next question by badmofo
<badmofo9> hi, first of all thanks for doing this
<badmofo9> my first question is to the staus of two games - shinning force 3 and grandia
<Hutch> My pleasure
<badmofo9> are they coming/is sega handling them in house/ etc?
<Hutch> As I said earlier , I cant mention exactdetails we haven't announced yet, but weare commited to doing more RPGS than the other a big way
<Hutch> An announcement will be happening soon about these "types " of titles..
<badmofo9> ok, second question - what do you think sega did wrong in the console wars of the last few months?
<`Vidd> c' the we have a chance of seeing these 2? :)
<`Vidd> heehee
<Hutch> I just saw the Japanese Shining Final today, and it blew me away, it is the next thing
<badmofo9> word on the net is that SF3 is very very hot
<Hutch> Definately 50% of those at minimum...the deals are very complicated..
<`Vidd> ok thanx, badmofo...
<Hutch> uh huh
<`Vidd> next question...psychy
<`Vidd> hmm..
<`Vidd> psychy
<Hutch> uhhhh
<`Vidd> oh well...Observer then
<Hutch> *resting fingers..*
<`Vidd> hmmm..
<`Vidd> you're up, observer
<Observer> What would you consider the largest contributing factor in the Saturn's relative failure (compared to the insane success of the PSX and N64) in the US market to be? P.S. I want Xmen vs. SF SO BAD...but I ha
<Observer> oops :)
<Observer> ve no way of modifying my Saturn.. please use all your power and make SOA bring the RAM cart over.. PLEASE! :)
<Hutch> ah, well that is a good question..I think it was something to do with our early launch..premature to high of an itial price..
<Hutch> As for RAM cart...don't hold your breath..we have always had reluctance to sell things with hardware included..inventory probs and all...i.e. NetLink
<Hutch> sigh
<`Vidd> :~(
<Observer> :(
<Hutch> oops bad word..sorry
<`Vidd> one more, observer....
<Observer> I have no other questions, thanks. :)
<`Vidd> Ok WarTOV, you're up
<`Vidd> oh
<`Vidd> now he tells me he has no question
<`Vidd> PING
<`Vidd> your turn
<ping> Ok
<ping> I was wondering if you have any idea as to why there is no TCP/IP play supported for netlink?
<ping> (I was a potential buyer if that feature was in the games BTW)
<`Vidd> For those just joining us....
<`Vidd> This channel is moderated...if you have a question, message `Vidd ONCE and you'll recieve a number. For convience, please have your question ready. For the time being, I'll allow 2 questions each so that hopefully everyone gets a chance.
<Hutch> Ah ha, yes that would make sense for certain games..but the ones we have now don't support it and would suffer to much from lag. Direct connectiion is the best way to make games such as Vir. On and Rally playable in head to head. Look for TCP/ip in the future for new is what we need for more than 2 players definately
<ping> I wasn't saying ONLY TCP/IP
<ping> But it was a feature games can definately benefit from
<Hutch> New stuff means not Saturn...hint
<ping> Especially bomberman, quake and duke
<Hutch> Yes, if the software could support more than 2 player, only Bomber man could have this time around...
<`Vidd> does new stuff also mean not pc?? :)
<`Vidd> heehee
<Hutch> right..!
<Observer> OOOO!!! :)))
<`Vidd> ok
<`Vidd> thanx ping
<Observer> sorry for the outburst of joy :)
<ping> Wooohhoooo
<`Vidd> Chaotix you're up
<ATO> well, there are other advantages beyond more then 2 players with tcp/ip, no long distance charges are a big plus
<ping> ATO, oh yeah, forgot about that
<Chaotix> ok, Question 1: Any chance at all of a *2D* and *Original* Sonic game on Sega's next system (or Saturn)?
<Hutch> Yes, I here ya there..
<`Vidd> ...we decided to speak openly in #SEGA ... :P
<Hutch> Hmmm..Sonic is not going away and will be a part of any platform we do..count on it
<`Vidd> got another question, chao?
<Hutch> But a 2D ?? That might be a step back..
<Chaotix> 3D is tired.... :P
<Chaotix> #2: I understand NEC is doing a lot of working on getting software done for Sega's next system in Japan. How is/will this be affecting the system in the US?
<Hutch> SOJ & SOA are working hand in hand on new technologies, we are working with alot of the best out there for software / hardware solutions..
<Chaotix> Castlevania N64/3D seems a step back from Castlevania: SOTN IMO :)
<Chaotix> (as an example)
<Hutch> Trust me though NEC doesnt do games..ha'
<`Vidd> hehheh
<Chaotix> NEC does PC-FX games :P
<Chaotix> (and re: RAM Cart..just pack the cart in the game case and advertise it as a "CD/Cart Combo game" if at all :)
<ping> Quick follow up, is there any chance you would do a 2D playing sonic game with 3D graphics (like the side-scrolling levels in crash, only more fun :P)?
<`Vidd> thank you chao
<`Vidd> lets move along
<`Vidd> peaces is up
<`Vidd> and ping
<peaces> whats in store for netlink
<`Vidd> had your turn..wait...
<Hutch> Wel, I do agree 3d sequels are not better just because they are "3D" has to be done thoughtfully and make sense , not just show off..gameplay is what made sega great
<Hutch> 2d titles, may not be our strength with new stuff...we want to blow ya away with polys!!!
<Hutch> NetLink...
<Hutch> hmmm
<`Vidd> If you have a question....message me ONCE and i'll give you a number.
<Hutch> I am honestly not sure of its future right this moment
<peaces> games? etc
<Hutch> The radar screen is a bit blank...but that could change fast
<peaces> 3d is more restricting, real gamers prefer 2d, will we see vf3 on saturn?
<Hutch> VF3 can't be done properly on way
<`Vidd> thanx peaces
<`Vidd>'re up again
<Chaotix> but the Sega;s prez said it could =>
<Chaotix> er
<Hutch> That was a while back..heh
<`Vidd> :~(
<Hutch> and before the proj. (with cart was cancelled)
<ATO> ok, first off, a small comment, I have the import X Men vs Street Fighter using the 4 Meg cart, it's 2D, and the most impressive thing I've seen in a long time
<ATO> so 3D isn't all that these days :)
<`Vidd> there *was* a cart???
<`Vidd> in development i mean
<`Vidd> heh...sorry...had to jump in..
<Hutch> X menvs SF:I haven't played it but our test guys just drool and rave about it still..
<Hutch> Diff kind of cart...drawing board only.. sorry
<ATO> ok, there have been a lot of long standing rumors about a Phantasy Star collection and a new Phantasy Star title, can say anything about these?
<Hutch> ..go on ATO
<Hutch> Yeah, I have heard mumurs from Japan as well,, but I cant eeven confirm anything with my connetions..they may be just rumors..but as you know in this biz, succesful properties never die altogether..
<ATO> ok, final question this time around: Any chances that we could get Saturn BASIC here in english?
<Hutch> Hmmm..That the Sega equiv. of Yarouze right..?
<ATO> yes
<ATO> but much cheaper
<ATO> it's supposed to work with a stock Saturn, instead of paying for a full dev system
<ATO> as a programmer, I've very interested in it
<Hutch> I don't really know what is involved..but it is possible...I 'll look into this..I think that would be cool
<ATO> and I think a lot of other Saturn fans would be too
<ATO> great, thanks :)
<`Vidd> thanx ato..let's speed things up....
<Chaotix> even if it's only done in limited quantities, like only direct from Sega or something =>
<Hutch> Totally, power to the people...I started on Basic before college myself..was Comp sci major, for a while..heheh
<nitemare_> oh ok
<`Vidd> nitemare...go ahead...
<nitemare_> Whats your fav vf2 character? ;)
<Hutch> That is tough..but probably Pai, sheisso fast and agile..yummy too
<nitemare_> Also, is Bernie Stolar short and fat or tall and thin?
<`Vidd> heheh
<Hutch> HAR
<`Vidd> hear hear
<nitemare_> eheheh that question was stupid about vf2 ;) on purpose
<Chaotix> hahahahah
<`Vidd> just to jump in...bernie stolar's pic in the new issue of next gen..
<`Vidd> he's in a cape and a big s on his chest
<Hutch> He is semi thin and can see him in a 2 page spread in the new Next Gen iss..what a gofy pic though..heh
<Chaotix> Do most people at DOA despise Bernie Stolar?
<Chaotix> oops
<Chaotix> sorry =>
<Chaotix> DOA was SOA anyway
<`Vidd> ok..thanx for that dumb question...nitemare
<`Vidd> :\
<nitemare_> no prob vidd ;)
<ping> No, what he meant to say was
<Chaotix> Do most people at SOA despise Bernie Stolar as much as everyone else?
<`Vidd> azz is up next
<Hutch> DOA, you mean SOA, no..but hedoes have arep. if you know what I mean..tough but usually fair I would say
<azzykat> is VF3 being developed for Sega's next console? or is it 'too old'? :P
<`Vidd> doh
<Chaotix> haha
<Chaotix> it's coming to Hyper Neo 64, mark my words
<`Vidd> HA
<`Vidd> shaddap chao
<Hutch> That is a debate currently..only AM#2 and Yu know the true answers...It would be stupid ifwe didn't
<azzykat> k, Does tom kalinske still work at sega? What does he do? Can he be president again? I want him back :P
<Hutch> No, he is long gone...
<Hutch> Next year may be different...vauge hint
<`Vidd> ok...ado
<`Vidd> you're up
<`Vidd> hmmm
<`Vidd> oh well
<Ado> So which do you think has a better chance of coming here, Grandia or SFIII?
<Hutch> The first one...
<`Vidd> yeh...that's not a direct question... you can give more hints on this
<Ado> Grandia?
<`Vidd> hehhe
<Hutch> Sounds likely...
<`Vidd> ok...let's speed it up
<`Vidd> one question each now
<`Vidd> PING you had another one??
<ping> Yeah
<`Vidd> ask already
<`Vidd> bah..
<`Vidd> :)
<Darknight> With Sega announcing Dural so early, as well as releasing it a year before any other competition, what does Sega have planned to make this system a success in the US compared to the Saturn, 32X, and Sega CD, as well as an idea of possible ideas to keep the system competative against upcoming PlayStation 2 and the new Project X system from VM Labs?
<Hutch> Poll: Who thinks a new system should have a modem in it or seperate
<Hutch> oop
<Hutch> s
<`Vidd> heehee..
<`Vidd> MODEM!
<`Vidd> i'm for it
<ping> Hutch, modem included, modems are VERY cheap nowadays
<Hutch> ok 1st your question
<Hutch> then the modem iss
<ping> 28.8's sell retail for like $25 i think
<Hutch> The next time around we will have learned from our mistakes, (I hope) we have new people, and the great software support like you wouldnt a easy to make games for system..
<`Vidd> cool
<ping> Well, all i can say, is that it shouldn't make too much of an effect on the system
<`Vidd> dustin?
<Hutch> And we will be ready before the competitoin, most likely
<ping> err, price
<|Dustin|> IF you are at liberty to say, WHAT is going on between Sega of America and Working Designs? Vic has been dropping a lot of hints in the usenet lately, but nothing definite, just teasing us.
<Hutch> Victor is and old pal of mine from, TGX-16 days, yep. There is some hurt feelings I hear, but I don't know if it wil last forever..we'll see.
<`Vidd> hmmm...hutch, how much more time can you give us?
<Hutch> Back to modem could makethe diff. in a $199 point or a 225 theory..
<Hutch> 30- 40 mins til I have to play Q2 again...withdrawl...ehhhh
<`Vidd> that a hint on the price?
<ping> Hutch, a $15-25 increase isn't a HUGE diff
<`Vidd> :)
<Hutch> No
<ATO> well, I for one think that it should have a built in modem, so that more developers will be willing to make games for it
<ping> BUT, make sure it costs about $200, people wont abandon their PSX/N64 that quickly
<Hutch> It is huge when you think of us making 1-2 million of them...
<ping> Before the announcement that sega would not release any old games on the saturn, me and another guy from #sega were wondering about aa compilation of old Model 2 games that were never quite done right on saturn (face it, for the most part, they weren't good ports). I was wondering if there is still a possiblity that such a compilation (or re-releases at bargain prices) could still be developed.
<ATO> online game play is really the next step in gaming
<ping> err, that saturn should be new system :P
<Hutch> 1. Online will be the next step for heard it hear first..!
<Hutch> 2. Compilation products may still come down the pipe, but Mod. 2 games are not the easy-est to me
<`Vidd> ok...from now on Ping will moderate this interview...
<ping> AND, Is the dural/katana/whatever the heck its called going to have a modified PowerVR2/Highlander, because from what i'm seeing, the the PowerVR2 is bottlenecking the CPU, as polygon count is concerned
<Hutch> Do you mean the vidcjhip is out performing the cpu or vice versa..?
<ping> Vice Versa
<ping> I heard the Chip can perform around 3 mill while the PVR can do like 1.5 million polys (could be speculation only though)
<Hutch> Well, what I have heard..on the "net" (ha) is that there will be horsepower to spare in both areas..and I am talking 100 yds burnouts horsepower
<Chaotix> ok...
<ping> Ok, Peaces is up
<Chaotix> What's your take on the OS of the new system? Seems like this OS will result in a load of sub-par, rushed software with virtually no advancements over time (an OS has restrictions)...please, no PC-Port-A-Matic/Cheap gaming PC without a hard drive
<Chaotix> grr
<Chaotix> hahahah
<Hutch> Poly counts by themselves are meaning less..they could be based on 3 pixel polys..what really counts is decent sized polys with effect turned on, Alpha channel, shading, Mip mapping etc.
<ping> Hutch, i just heard that the SH-4 can do more than the vid card, but its peaces turn to ask now
<Hutch> That is not aprob. though I tell ya..
<Hutch> the cpu has to do more than calcing what to draw..
<peaces> on launch, u need to bundle everything together, but u need capcom and the 4meg cart now, dont u think?
<peaces> instead of netlink, u need to give the gamers what they really need first
<Hutch> Well, some may argue that..but mgnmnt isnt listening here , maybe you guys could do a letter campaign...?? And a web site, a protest they did on UO one night..??
<peaces> dont want to split the market
<Hutch> Yes, there is a pent up it to Sega somehow..
<peaces> thank you
<ping> Ok, thanks peaces
<Chaotix> the market wouldn't be split if it was packed in with the damn game :)
<ATO> that's how they are sold in Japan, and they seem to do well with them there
<Hutch> The focus now, and thru next summer will be new titles for Saturn..thay are still coming..older??
<Hutch> You are correct guys
<Ado> It would have been cool if the NetLink had some RAM
<Hutch> Yes, I would have done it that way..
<Hutch> Then people could down load updates and cool stuff
<Hutch> Who's next
<azzykat> ping?
<Ado> Do you think the new system will have a upgrade option?
<Hutch> Define upgrade
<ping> I think he's referring to something similar to the cart slot on saturn
<Ado> Like being able to add RAM or a faster modem
<Ado> Not really.
<Ado> More like a PC
<Hutch> Well...If a modem could be an add theory an PCMCIA slot would make sense for stuff like that
<ping> Ok, we need to hurry things along, so we need to move on
<Hutch> Flash Ram, etc
<Ado> I guess so.
<ping> Thanks ado
<ping> azzy, you're up
<azzykat> Do you see yourself working at sega in 10 years?
<Hutch> Wow, never thought of that...not really I want to be rich by then...actually this industry changes so much every year it is unlikely.
<azzykat> okie, You said saturn is what is the focus through next summer, when do you think sega's next console will be released in the US?
<Hutch> one knows ..yet..98 is possible , 99 is possible..
<azzykat> thankie :)
<Hutch> No prob
<Hutch> besides Nintendo spys might be here listening...........
<Chaotix> heh
<ping> Thank you azzy
<azzykat> hehe
<Chaotix> but you'd have to do a launch at one of the crucial points of the year...
<ping> And no nintendo spys are in here, i would've kicked them long ago :P
<Hutch> :)
<ping> (not to mention hunt them down and kill them :P)
<Chaotix> so there are only so many opportunities :)
<ping> Ok, lets get on with it
<azzykat> Who sould suspect a nintendo spy on a netlink though? :P
<ping> OO, you're up
<Hutch> Well, yes & no..Nintendo did what we called a false launch last worked
<Hutch> heh
<Chaotix> explain :)
<Hutch> They really had no solid software support and couldn't make enuf units to supply everyone (stores) so they launched premature any ways , in theory
<OOverlord> Hutch: is it true CSK's making a major change in Sega's overall management?
<Hutch> 5 max..the planned deck shortages helped the hype too
<Chaotix> N64 should have been the DD from the start, if they had more time...and Nintendo loves the shortages as hype
<OOverlord> I thought I was up...
<OOverlord> or is this conversation moderated?
<azzykat> hush chao
<ping> OO, you are up, chaotix just felt the need to so obnoxiously butt in
<Chaotix> I would, but he has his usual attitude :D
<Hutch> Ok, next question...End of year rumors are flying as usual..wait til next year , like I am doing...;)
<Chaotix> lalala
<OOverlord> also, does Sega have any plans for using SmartMedia?
<OOverlord> they've already invested heavily in it. they should use it for more than cameras
<Hutch> I have heard the is something we are examining...nothing firm yet.
<OOverlord> finally, I'd just like to say that since Genesis could circumvent Nintendo's near-monopoly, I believe even Sony' isn't unbeatable. I have no worries for Katana
<ping> Ok, we're moving onto the last question of the night before we move into non-moderated free chat
<opa-opa> wow it's my turn?
<ping> opa, you're up
<Hutch> Thanks for the vote of confidence...Atari wasn't forever either..Sega isn't down yet...we have lots o tricks yet
<opa-opa> uhh well I know this has been asked already, but I need to know why Sega isn't releasing the 4 MEG Ram cart here
<opa-opa> I mean Capcom is planning to release all their major games on the RAM cart... if Sega don't release it won't it mean missing out on all those great conversions
<Hutch> Sega of US is extremely shy about hardware inventories at this time, they do not have the feeling that the risk is worth enough people buying the carts for just a few titles that support them.
<opa-opa> but these "few titles" can add up to ALOT of sales.....
<ping> OK, i have a quick followup to that, is there any chance that there will be support in the US games to use the Japanese ram carts with the game
<ping> So you wouldn't actually have to "release" the ram cart over here, but still having support in the games
<Chaotix> wait your turn
<Chaotix> :)
<opa-opa> BTW I thought Capcom was the one taking the risk.. it won't be Sega having to worry about inventories
<Hutch> Not according to our Sales/marketing guys.. yeas..the internationalizing of the titles would take time and resources we probably can't commit right now...
<opa-opa> u need to get new sales/marketing guys
<Hutch> US games supporting Japanese carts..that could work..if Capcom worked it out with us in advance...they need to helop convince us then..
<Hutch> We just might...heh
<ATO> Hutch: you already do
<ATO> Marvel Super Heroes
<Hutch> Ah...yeah, before I was here I think..
<ATO> one quick request for you to pass along, please please please don't use those large CD cases with the new system
<ping> Hutch, vidd and i greatly thank you for your cooperation in this interview. I would appreciate it if you stay around for a little non moderated chat with the people in here
<ATO> they are so hard to store
<ping> And that will conclude the moderated portion of the interview!
<Hutch> Yes, they are big
<azzykat> I like them large cases
<badmofo9> yes! no large cd cases
<Chaotix> hahah
<opa-opa> they break so easily
<ATO> I have 92 Saturn games, and 64 Sega CD games
<ATO> I had to toss the casses because I had no room for them
<Hutch> But they don't break like the sony ones..heh
<ping> ATO, well, you deserve to run out of space then, rich boy :P
<Chaotix> use standard-sized CD cases
<badmofo9> they dont store anywhere well
<azzykat> I'm the only one who likes them :(
<DaveZ> ato: all legit?
<Chaotix> PLEASE :D
<ping> azzy, thats for sure :P
<ATO> DaveZ: yes
<Dipstick`> DaveZ: hell no
<badmofo9> they are awkward and ugly :)
<Ado> My cousin has his cases break
<ATO> but some are japanese, in nice normal cases :)
<Dipstick`> heh
<cloud911> What are the new Netlink games coming out? If there are any.
<Hutch> They have been a pain at time..but next time , who knows what we'll do
<ping> Oh, dave, i have a request for you :P
<DaveZ> 64 Sega CD games impresses me :)
<Darknight> i bought sonic r in japan soley for the smaller case
<Hutch> Netlink, I have no info right now..but I'll check
<opa-opa> wow Dark is alive
<Ado> What other Netlink-compatible games are coming out?
<badmofo9> hutch: how did you make it into the industry?
<ATO> DaveZ: I went nuts when Blockbuster got rid of their Sega CD stock :)
<Hutch> I don't have alist right now...I need to see about that with Japan
<opa-opa> I must have around 40 Sega CD games
<WarTOV> Hutch: I remember playing you at @ The Cave.. You were Sgt. Roc...hehe.. I was Xcon :)
<Darknight> are there 40 sega cd games worth owning??
<Hutch> An add in the L.A. Times...weird huh
<opa-opa> Hutch: you're from LA?
<Hutch> The Cave ...excellent!! Roc on..
<WarTOV> heh
<sTp81> Hutch: Next time you see the Wookie's tell Sean to drop by EFnet if you can :)
<ATO> Darknight: if you count all the ones that were "improved" versions of Genesis games
<ping> He uses the excuse that we were playing on my server
<Dural> [Chaotix1] Hatatatatatatatatatatatah!
<ping> Heheh
<WarTOV> Ping: I kick your at QW!
<Hutch> Originally from theValley..
<Darknight> ato: oh, i didn't buy into those =)
<WarTOV> let's rematch :P
<Darknight> i think i have like between 10 and 15
<ping> War, can't
<ping> I got homework
<WarTOV> see
<Hutch> Right on, I will tell the wookies..theQuake gods that they bee..
<DaveZ> I have less than 10
<ATO> Darknight: yeah, there weren't many original titles worth beans on it, that's my fear for the 64DD
<ping> And i can't do it while playing quake
<ping> It'll take me only a little bit
<DaveZ> but some that I have are better than any Sat/n64/ps games :)
<WarTOV> Hutch: Barbarian was just here recently... I can tell him :)
<ATO> Lunar!
<Dipstick`> ATO: that's going to come out?
<Big-Fire> Yes Hutch, do you have any info on anything "big
<Big-Fire> For the netlink
<opa-opa> Snatcher!
<ATO> Dipstick`: it did, long ago
<ATO> Dipstick`: got get a Sega CD
<badmofo9> dave: whats the latest on your lawsuit?
<ATO> got=go
<WarTOV> Barbarian, a.k.a. WookiePC1 :)
<Hutch> No Netlink news yet, I am afraid...
<Hutch> War: did you roc me that day I forget..?
<Dipstick`> ATO: nono, the DD drive - damn lag
<ATO> Dipstick`: ohh, yeah, I think they are actually going to bring it out
<Dipstick`> i know Lunar:SSS and Lunar:EB are Sega CD games
<WarTOV> Hutch: dunno, that was quite a long time ago
<DaveZ> torgo: I've been trying to get in contact with Anne Jordan at SoA, but haven't been able to yet.
<WarTOV> hehe
<opa-opa> Hutch: hey how can I geta jog at SOA
<opa-opa> oops job
<ATO> a jog?
<ATO> :)
<DaPlaya> so what RPGs are upcomming???
<ping> Heheh, that reminds me
<Bilan> argh.. just saw the Saturn House of the Dead pics.. Horrifyingly bad :P
<ping> I saw Snatcher for Sega CD at the used game store a couple days ago
<opa-opa> Bilan: that bad?
<ping> Bilan, i agree
<Dipstick`> heh, get out there and run your ass off
<ATO> Hutch: does SoA do any hardware development (arcade machine type of stuff)
<ping> Yeah, Hutch, get AM2 to make those graphics MUCH better
<ping> the resolution is HORRID
<Hutch> House of the Dead will improve,,any pics are way early , with most textures missing!!
<ping> Hutch, phew :P
<sam3> Hutch: Why is it that there are no codes for VF2 PC and the Sega webpage says they should have been there in mid-august
<Bilan> Hutch, I really hope that's true.. HotD is my favorite game, and anything less than VC2 quality will probably make my kill myself ;)
<Dipstick`> PINGnet: there's only so many resolution options on the Saturn, it isn't running SDD 6 =P
<Hutch> uhuhu
<Hutch> uhhh
<Hutch> typeing faster
<Darknight> more like why is VF2 so pathetic on the PS
<Darknight> err PC
<ping> Dip, its not?!?!?!? :P
<Dipstick`> faster damnit ;)
<ATO> heh
<sam3> DK: Is it just me or have you not been able to find codes either?
<ping> My Riva runs 1024x768 in 32 bit color w/o SDD6
<Darknight> Virtual On with Power VR is amazing on the PC, but why is VF2 so pathetic
<ping> Why won't saturn?
<Hutch> I will hang for while more...yeah
<ping> (actually, just pointing out that i have an AGP riva)
<DaveZ> umm, Power VR vs no 3d support? :)
<Dipstick`> ping needs some slapping around
<Hutch> ok, codes for PC products ...I will check with my buds inSEI tomorrow..
<Darknight> davez: umm the point is why doesn't it use an accelerated card, why wasn't it worked on more than ported from the saturn
<SegaMatt> What the hell is this??
<Darknight> davez: you can see differences in the ports between the Saturn and PC for Virtual such as 3D backgrounds
<Dipstick`> Darknight: there is a D3D patch on O:3Dfx

[Official Chat Ends Here, General Conversation Continues]
<ping> Sega, its a post interview chat
<Bilan> Hutch, about House of the Dead.. Why is the blood all green? Will there be a red blood option that you know of?
<Hutch> Blodd is something being debated here right now, Japan may diable Red, I hope not,, it is cool
<DaveZ> marty: I agree with that...I don't see why they did a Saturn non-3d accelerated port instead of a arcade port with Glide support...
<Hutch> Their are new regulations for game violenec in japan that could affect us all...!
<Bilan> As bad as HotD looks currently, red blood would lower the "what the hell is that supposed to be?" factor a little :P
<Chaotix> why debate blood?
<Chaotix> it's just blood :)
<badmofo9> becuase its about censorship
<ATO> if blood was banned, Midway would be out of business
<Bilan> Chaotix, have you seen the HotD Saturn shorts?
<Bilan> shots, even
<Darknight> hutch: is this with SEL or overall game development?
<Hutch> It is an internal issue, between us and SOJ..complicated
<Bilan> If you did, you'd know why I want red blood back.
<badmofo9> sega should have learned why mortal kombat sold better on genny than SNES, nintendo sure did :)
<Dipstick`> ATO: nah, blood and gratitious stunt driving =P
<ATO> heh
<Chaotix> heh
<Hutch> I think it is a new rating board in Japan, but I have to check on it more later.
<Darknight> i wasn't aware of any new japanese game regulation in regards to violence
<Darknight> thats interesting to learn
<Dipstick`> what about my saturn hentai games? oops...
<Hutch> Bet that Duke saturn out selling Duke 64 ..well maybe
<Hutch> comment
<SegaMatt> Dammit!
<Bilan> If HotD is currently only 30% as Saturnworld says, I hope that last 70% can fix it.. Hehe.
<ATO> well, Duke Saturn is much much better then Duke 64
<SegaMatt> I missed the interview!!!!
<Chaotix> heh
<w_mute> maybe..too bad the saturn one isn't getting as much publicity
<Ado> Look at Resident Evil:Director's Cut. One of the new features is a hell of a lot more gore.
<Dipstick`> hahahahah
<SegaMatt> Damn, damn damn damn.
<Darknight> hutch: ummm considering how many N64 owners there are out there, i don't see why the Saturn version would outsell the N64 version
<w_mute> d64 is horrid..all censored
<Dipstick`> ATO: where's my tiny-ass 4 player option?
<w_mute> psx is slow mo
<badmofo9> directors cut does not have any more gore
<ping> Well, resident evil has only 1 thing against it
<Hutch> Well sometimes the last 10% of a games developement is like night & day..
<ping> The fact that its a complete and utterly boring game
<Darknight> bad: i picked up Bio Hazard DC
<badmofo9> but yeah, duke iis another good example
<Ado> Yes it does.
<badmofo9> dk: much better second cd eh
<Hutch> darkight: I knew, but I like to dreammm..heh\
<Dipstick`> PINGnet: yeah, and the pacific ocean is 1 body of water
<Darknight> bad: ya
<Darknight> hutch: heh
<ping> Dip, yep :P
<Chaotix> Hutch: how about Sonic Jam 2 with Sonic CD, Spinball, etc? =>
<badmofo9> ado, no, it does not
<Chaotix> the 8-bit Sonics..
<Bilan> PINGnet, I like RE.. got it for my Saturn a while ago, haven't finished it yet..
<Darknight> bad: get your E3 registration form?
<DaveZ> I actually enjoyed PC RE.
<Darknight> davez: get yours?
<badmofo9> dk: the n64 vers has been sanitized heavily
<ping> Heheh, well, i played it
<badmofo9> dk: no not yet, you?
<DaveZ> marty: just some non-press one.
<Darknight> bad: i got some non press one
<Hutch> Chaos: What about them...??
<ping> And i just kept comparing it to Gabriel Knight 2, and how inferior it was (dunno where i picked this game, just kind of the same type of story)
<Ado> But some more stuff was cut out.
<Dipstick`> heh, everyone has the non-press ones.. i have a non-press one ;)
<Dipstick`> of course i can't use it =\
<Chaotix> Hutch: bring 'em to Saturn =>
<ping> But what i thought of it was that it was kind of an action game,, kind of an adventure game, but not that good in either fields
<Chaotix> key word: "Sonic Jam 2"
<badmofo9> ado: name one place in it where it is different than the original RE
<Ado> But some of the videos are more gory
<Dipstick`> PINGnet: it just stinks. period
<Hutch> ah haaa. I get your drift..
<Chaotix> maybe even include "Chaotix"
<Chaotix> =>
<Chaotix> Sonic Fighters
<Chaotix> heheh
<Dural> [Lagi] "I got to go, a press release about Sonic coffee mugs came through
<Hutch> heehheee
<Chaotix> did you do Chaotix? =>
<ATO> yeah, where is Sonic the Fighters?
<Lagi> hey hey
<azzykat> no
<azzykat> don't include chaotix
<Dipstick`> ATO: where it belongs ;)
<Ado> The more gore is in the Arranged mode
<Chaotix> aZ: hahaha
<ATO> Dipstick`: ever play it? it's not that bad
<HEPI> Sonic the Fighters = a good game !
<badmofo9> ado: where?
<DaveZ> heh, I need to decide who I should go to E3 as :P
<Ado> But not too noticable
<badmofo9> ado: the movies are exactly the same
<Lagi> op dural
<Hutch> I was working on that last year...then it just didn't get approved here..??
<Dipstick`> ATO: pfft. read: nope
<Lagi> so, how did the chat go?
<Hutch> It was so cool when the put those chars. into move
<ATO> DaveZ: just talk Vic into giving you a pass :)
<ATO> DaveZ: and set me up too :)
<Ado> It was supposed to have the origanal Japanese movies. More gore in those
<DaveZ> ato: you can easily get a pass for Eclipse...
<ATO> DaveZ: you would get one easier for your site
<Dipstick`> ATO: get your own goddamn pass.. anyone can pick them up, 50 bucks a pop
<Chaotix> heh
<badmofo9> ado: yeah, but they screwed it up, it has the exact same cinmeas as the original
<Chaotix> I could get one =>
<ATO> DaveZ: I'm actually working on one from someone at a mag
<Chaotix> everyone loves me

At this point the chat is pretty much over and falls into inane chatter before Mr. Hutchings disappears and goes away to play Quake.

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