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X-men Vs. Street Fighter
PublisherCapcom Disc(s)1
DeveloperCapcom RAM CartYes, 4MB
Players1-2 OriginJapan

by Lee Freedman (


    The unbelievable has happened. Capcom has brought out X-Men Vs. SF, and using the new 4-Meg RAM cart, has achieved a perfect home port. NOTHING is missing; the animation is 100% intact, the sound quality is the best ever seen on Saturn(perfect!), and the controls have been faithfully ported over from the arcade original.
XvSF: Dhalsim X-Men Vs. SF, the third in Capcom's fighting game series to feature Marvel Comics's famous super hero characters, is also the first in the series to feature a very unique team battle system, in which you pick two characters, whom you are able to switch back and forth between during the fight. Unlike other team fighters, this is a part of the gameplay, and ANY load time would ruin it. Thankfully, there is fact, the only load times in the game are a brief initial load, and then THREE SECOND loads between each fight. During each battle, characters are able to perform a variety of combos and special moves, all of which have been preserved from the arcade, including the tag-team super moves, where both of your characters move in to attack your opponent. Massive characters such as Juggernaut, who has never had all of his animation on a home system before, now have EVERY single frame of animation from the arcade! As for the sound, well, Capcom has never been able to get the sound quite right on Saturn. In Street Fighter Alpha 2, for example, Capcom was also able to achieve a perfect port, save one area: sound. Every character's voice sounded muffled, unless a same character versus same character match was fought. In X-Men Vs. SF, however, no matter who is fighting, the sound is CRYSTAL CLEAR.

As the name implies, X-Men Vs. SF is a battle royal between characters from both the X-Men and the Street Fighter series. Of the game's 17 playable characters, eight are from X-Men, and nine are from Street Fighter. On the X-Men's side, Wolverine, Juggernaut, and Magneto return from Capcom's previous fighter, Marvel Super Heroes. Cyclops and Storm return from X-Men: Children Of The Atom, and Sabretooth, Rogue, and Gambit are all new editions to the series. Sabretooth has moves similar to Wolverine, along with a few of his own, including calling out his partner Birdy to shoot the enemy with a huge machine gun. Gambit has some very cool energy moves involving his playing cards, and Rogue has the abilityXvSF: Ken to kiss her opponent and "steal" one of their moves. From Street Fighter, Ryu, Ken, Gouki(Akuma), Vega(M. Bison), Dhalsim, Charlie, Chun-Li, and Zangief all return from Street Fighter Alpha 2, along with a few new moves and more frames of animation. The only "new" edition is Cammy, who returns from Super Street Fighter II X(Turbo). The game's boss is the mighty Apocalypse, who takes up the entire screen. You don't fight him as you would another character; instead, you must use your team to attack his gigantic frame, specifically his head and his arm! After you've gone through six fights against the other opponents, and taken out Apocalypse on the seventh, you then have one more challenge: Depending on which member of your team beat Apocalypse, you must use him or her to take out your own partner! Only then will you be treated to the endings...!

The graphics in X-Men Vs. SF are fantastic--they're arcade perfect! All of the arcade's colors, backgrounds, and spectacular animations found in the arcade are present, which is something that has never been done before. It's quite an amazing experience when you first see it! (^_^;)

FINALLY, the sound on a Capcom Saturn fighter has been ported PERFECTLY! All of the voice samples, as mentioned above, are extremely clear, and all of the game's musical scores are perfectly ported, changing during the fight when a character is defeated and a new fighter jumps out.

Control is something that you never have to worry about when playing one of Capcom's great fighting games. X-Men Vs. SF plays like a combination of Marvel Super Heroes, having chain combos and very cool-looking super moves, and Street Fighter Alpha 2, having counter moves. A dash move is also present, something never seen in an SF game on a console system until now.

XvSF X-Men Vs. SF at HOME! While the gameplay isn't as deep as Street Fighter Alpha 2's, the actual game itself is one of the most fun games EVER! The fast and furious gameplay will keep you coming back for more, and more, and more, and...! Add to that the fact that the game is a perfect port from the arcade, and you've got the best Saturn fighting game this year!

This unbelievable arcade port is a MUST-OWN Saturn fighting game. If you've been wondering what reasons there are to own a Saturn, here's the only one you'll need this year!

Graphics: 10
Sound/Music: 10
Gameplay/Control: 10
Lasting Power: 9.5
Overall: 10

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