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World Heroes Perfect (Japan) - SNK

by Lee (


Hey, wow! World Heroes Perfect has already come out! I was quite surprised to see this one, as I had heard it wouldn't come out until later this month!

It seems that Neo Geo to Saturn translations are getting better all the time. I've never played the Neo version, but from what I've seen and heard about it, this one is BETTER!

What surprised me about WHP was the loading time. No, it doesn't come with a cartridge, but the loading time is actually BETTER(Overall) than the Cartridge/CD combo of KOF '95! (No lie!)

I noticed a small 3-4 second loading time right after I picked my character, and then...that's about it! All the rest(so far) has been about 0.5-1 second!

Now on to the game itself:

First off, this game has some Saturn only extras: As soon as you start the game up, you will see an extra option screen which shows pictures of three books. These books contain data on all the characters in the game, tips on how to play, (unfortunatly, it's in Japanese so I couldn't read it! :), and a picture gallery with art from all of the World Heroes games.

(The other extra is that Zeus, Neo-Dio, and Son Gokuu are all playable right from the start, no codes required. Yes!!)

When you start the game, you may notice that there is no intro. It's not exactly a big deal, right? Well, for some reason the programmers decided to make this a separate mode: Demo Play, which will show off the intro as well as the high scores, so don't worry. :)

World Heroes Perfect has two modes of play: a normal, tournament-like mode where you fight to the last boss, and a computer VS. mode in which you can pick any character to fight against, as well as the background. (These modes are an option which has to be selected in the Option mode.)

The graphics in this game are quite good. The characters were fairly big, and the backgrounds were nicely done.(I really like the pyramid background) On the flip side, the animation seemed a bit choppy, and only about average, however I could swear that WH has always been like that. (It didn't seem like anything was missing, either.) Don't worry, though, it doesn't ruin the game in any way. I think the only "flaw" in this game would be that the screen is cut off on the sides, like in KOF '95. (But thats's a minor flaw that really wasn't even worth mentioning...!)

The sound, which I would have to say is redone for CD, is very well done. (I can't say too much as most games nowadays have very well done music and sound. Don't worry about this! :)

The control is pretty good, however I did have some difficulty pulling off some of the super moves. The biggest problem, however, were the moves that require you to pull down, then up, quickly. I had problems doing this, but I think it's the fault of the saturn controller. Moves requiring you to charge down, then up, were very easy to pull off.

Overall, this game is very well done and a worthy purchase for all Saturn owners. With so many characters(Total of 19) and moves, this game ranks up there with some of the best fighters.

As for the lasting power of the game, I'd say that WHP does a pretty good job, with all the characters having endings for you to look forward to, as well as a weird little comic strip that follows.

The biggest problem with the replay value is that there are really no hidden fighters(Gokuu counts--sort of) to look forward to.

However, with the way this game plays, and the random order of characters, I find myself playing the game over and over again. The World Heroes series keeps on getting better and better.

But "perfect"? Well, maybe not in the arcade, but as a Saturn game it comes quite close.


    Graphics: 9
    Sound: 9.5
    Gameplay: 9.5
    Lasting Power: 9
    Overall: 9.5

    - Lee

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