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Virtua Cop - Sega

by Dan John ( or

    If you're looking for a great Saturn game this Christmas look no further than Virtua Cop. It has the game play and replay value to capture almost everyone's interest, and it has the graphics to amaze them. Just remember to get an extra gun.

Not since Operation Wolf have I played such a great shooting game. Sega's Virtua Cop redefined the meaning of "gun-game" when it was released in the arcades about a year ago. Then in May of 1995, the Saturn was released, and people couldn't wait to see it translated.

Now that it has been released many are wondering how it was even possible. They wanted to know how the little box (called the Sega Saturn), could produce a game of this caliber on the system that they thought couldn't even handle a somewhat simple game like Virtua Fighter. But Sega has most definitely succeeded here, because Virtua Cop for the Saturn is not only arcade perfect, but it has loads of extra option to go along with it. These options include a mirror mode in which the entire game is flipped horizontally, also there is the free play mode in which you have unlimited credits. There is also a rumour that you can obtain possession of all guns, and choose as you play.

But the thing that struck me first about this game was that the graphics were absolutely amazing. No flicker or glitches here folks, just very smooth scrolling and outstanding animation. You can either shoot the "enemy" in the arm, leg, stomach, or if you're a real ace shooter, you can shoot his gun out of his hand and get extra points. There's so much to this game that I could go on and on, so I'll get to the pros and cons.

The best part about this game as I've said is the graphical presentation, which is stunning to say the least, and the smooth scrolling just makes you think you're playing Virtua Fighter 2. The music is excellent and fits the mood perfectly, although you're not going to want to get the sound track :) Also, the sound effects are top notch which is a plus. The only bad part of this great game is that you have a chance of getting bored with it after a while. There are only three levels, and you could memorize the enemy's positions after a few times playing. But with the loads of options and difficulty adjustment, that problem is almost overcome entirely.

This is a game to show off to your friends, and it is an excellent example of what the Saturn is actually capable of. So to all of you biased magazine writers, play this game and you will be convinced that the Saturn is a gaming machine.

Graphics: 10

  • + Very smooth scrolling in and out of the play fields.
  • + Animation of the enemies and explosions is outstanding.
  • + Intro and ending sequences are excellent.
Sound: 9
  • + Music is well done, and fits the mood of destruction...
  • - but isn't anything remarkable that you'll remember.
  • + Sound effects are very well done.
  • + I can still hear King and Kong taunting me.
Game play: 9
  • + Good ol' shooting games are just a blast to play (literally)
  • + Has tons of options to test out and play around with.
  • - Not everyone has as much fun playing these types of games as others might.
  • + It's a great stress-releiver!
Replay Value: 10
  • + Literally loads of small options that will keep the supposedly short game playable for quite a time.
  • + Get two players, or even two guns and then you'll be in paradise.
  • - Of course there will be a chance of getting bored, but not likely.
Overall: 9.5

-Dan John

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