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On this page, I show the things that you will find in most of the reviews at dEX. At times, not all parts are available, as this is a revamped version of my review system. I will use image captures from a template and the Thunderforce V review to illustrate the various elements in a full review.

Criteria - Basic Info TableThe first part of a review will include a table which gives all the information relevant to the game. I neglect to post prices because they are always changing, and vary depending on your area.

Then, the author's name and e-mail address is listed so that you may contact him if you have any comments regarding their review.

Criteria - Ratings and reasons The written review begins with a short 'lowdown' or summary paragraph. This will give the reader a general idea of what to expect from the game. After the lowdown, the full review will follow. I cannot definitively say what this part will contain. I give the author full freedom as to what they feel should be written about.

At the end of the review a table will show ratings on a scale of 1 to 10, and likes/dislikes for each of five areas: Graphics, sound/music, gameplay/control, lasting power, and overall. At times, only the ratings are given. Again listed is the author's name.

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