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by Gordon Vink (

I picked up Ghen War last night for rental and here are my impressions after playing it for a couple hours.

The FMV picture quality in this game has some artifacts like pixalization and minor color banding. It also plays in a reduced screen, with a black border running about an inch off of the bottom of the screen. The FMV uses live actors and the acting is quite good, with no cheesy dialogue. The sets and the action in the FMV is very good. The FMV has a very professional feel to it, like it was done by hollywood professionals, which I believe it was. There is FMV between the major missions in the game to explain the story along. I would rate the FMV a 9/10.

The game uses a advanced graphic engine that allows full 360 degree movement. You can go up hills in the game as long as the grade is not too steep in front of you. You can look up or down in the game. The walls do not run at 90 degrees like in some other games(ala DOOM). Most missions are outdoors, but some are in long winding caves. Everything moves very smoothy with no slow down. There is pixalization in the landscape when you are flat up against a wall, but minor since you do spend much time in such a position. Control in moving around the landscape is very smooth and fast, with no objects to snag you, unless you run straight up against an mountain or enemy. You can jump sometimes up to an higher area, and even hover a bit after getting a special powerup. The game environment did not make me feel like 'sea sick' while playing which I feel alot playing DOOM on the PC using the keyboard as control.

The enemies in this game are all 3D objects that are fully texture mapped and look very good. The AI of the enemies are quite good in that they can detect you from quite a distance and they start shooting right away. You can hide behind the landscape and then come out shooting to take out the enemy. Some enemies are mobile and some are stationary. Some of the enemy vehicles are huge, taking more then the size of the screen and I have noticed no slowdown in the game yet. he shots of your weapons are nicely depth cued, as you can tell even with the laser that the shots are going into the distance. The enemies are not randomly placed every time you go back into a level. There are fourteen different enemy objects to destroy in this game.

You are piloting a mech type of device, which reminds me of the one Ripley in Aliens II used to defeat the mother alien in the final scene of that movie. You get a large range of weapons to choose from and you have alot of each weapon! They are even power ups of health and more weapons to be found on the different landscapes.


  • Laser
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Mine Ejector
  • Rocket Launcher - non tracking
  • Missile Launcher - tracking
  • Spike Launcher
  • Decoy Launcher
  • E-Cell Ejector
One thing I like alot about this game is the overhead map that is always on the screen, in you HUD, and it keeps track of where you went by leaving tracks behind on the map. Very cool indeed. You even get a full size map of the area my pressing the start key at anytime during the game, so you cannot get lost. Pressing the Start key also pauses the game so you are not in danger when checking the map. The full size map also shows what areas have not been checked yet, because they are not exposed on the map till you visit those areas. So the mapping capabilities in this game is perfect! A 10/10 for this.

Sound in this game is very good. Sound effects can be heard by the enemy machines when you are near them and go slowly quiet as you move away from them. Some areas you are in, music starts playing, I guess to set the mood. Even though it is rock grunge music. Group is called: bygone dogs. Not bad but depends on you taste of music. The sound of your shots is quite nice too.

Missions in Game <20 total levels>

  • Venus - Training Mission
  • Mars - Mission 1 to 4
  • Deimos - Just one mission
  • Moon - Mission 1 to 5
  • Australia (Strange choice?) Mission 1 to 5
  • Norad - Mission 1 to 5 (Takes place at Norad headquarters)
  • Americans where you are allowed to shoot down Russian missles over
  • Canadain territory! Nice agreement we made. During a war: "Hey look
  • guys, its raining radiation"

So far I have made it to Moon Mission 1. The Mars missions 1 to 5 and the mission on Mars moon Deimos are very straight forward and easy, but I am playing on the easiest mode called: Inept. Thanks alot programmers, that makes me feel real good. he he They are two higher difficulty levels in this game to choose from in the option screen, called Intense and Insane. The manual says that you can only play Up to Moon mission 5 at the Inept level. The game starts out with 3 men and you can find another man on one of the Mars missions, maybe more but I found an easy one on one of the Mars missions. The first Moon mission is very hard even on Inept difficulty level, because on part of this level there is a huge machine you have to take out and he kills me every time. Cool machine though, fires triple firery shots at you! It is going to take alot of figuring out to kill this one, any codes for extra men?

Over all I like this game and is very fun, straight forward 3D shoot-em-up. Nice Control, nice graphics, nice sound, nice playability and nice FMV. You notice I did not say awesome and fantastic in my review, this game is good but not as great like Sega Rally for giving cutting edge gameplay and graphics. Over all a 9/10 for this game.

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