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Fighters Megamix - Sega

by KT (


    Just got Fighter's Mega Mix, FMM. This game is just great. I'm kind of glad I did not buy Fighting Vipers, because FMM has two modes: VF and Fighing Viper. I can't really comment on the FV mode because I've never played it before so I hope a FV empowered player can. The VF mode floats insanely high. I was getting some insane combos with Pai (ex. d/f+P, P, f+P, f, f+p, k, g, pppd+k). I will have to check if this combo works in VF3. FMM incorporates the dodge button just like VF3. It is, however, missing the uneven terrain. Aside from this, the VF mode gameplay is a close port of VF3...oh baby!!!
I have completed training modes for Wolf, Pai, Lau, Kage, Akira and Jeffrey. As far as I can tell, the VF characters contain most if not all of their VF3 moves. My main VF3 characters are Pai and Wolf so I will only comment on those two. For Pai, all of her moves are intact. There is one interesting throw: d/f+pg. This throw is the same as her low throw against a crouching opponent except it is done on a standing opponent. For Wolf, he is missing two moves and three throws but has three replacement throws.

Missing moves:

  • Spinning Lariat: f,d/f,d,d/b,b+p
  • Clothes line: f+p+e
Missing throws:
  • Tiger piledriver: d/f+P+K+G (low throw)
  • Wrist Lock Claw: f,f/d,d/d/b,b+P+G
  • Pick up (fallen opponent): d+p+g
Replaced throws:
  • "Body slam": d/f+p+g replaced by the "Suplex" - p+g
  • "Thunderfire Powerbomb": P+G replaced by the "Spring Shot Front Supplex" - b+P+G
  • "Calf Grinding": d/f+P+G replaced by his "German Supplex" - P+G

* Note : "replaced" meaning that the throw motion exists (ie. same as VF3) but the animation is from one of wolf's other throws or I just can't do the throw or it has been changed. Geez, I'm missing the "Calf Grinding" and "Thunderfire Powerbomb" throw animation already :~( .

Fighters Megamix The light sourcing and shading effects really enhance the FV characters but some of the VF characters are suffering from the resolution drop. Jane's stage implements light sourcing the best. Her ring posts contain spotlights that are constantly changing color and intensity. The VF backgrounds do not have floating rings anymore because of the infinite ring size. Wolf's stage brought tear's to my eyes :~). It is a replica of his VF2 arcade ring with his cage and the flashing lamp posts...woohoo!!! The FV stages are the best: especially Raxels stage (he fights on an elevator platform rising in an unfinished building with glass walls). The only unfortunate thing is the slowdown.

The music sounds great if your into techno. But the best music was DURAL's VF1 music and the worst has got to be Rentahero's music :^6...@. The punches sound so lame ("like hitting card board boxes"...Silver) but the major counter sfx are in there finally. You actually hear the big boom (very cute when Kid Akira does a SDE).

Training, team and survival modes are excellent. Training mode gives you a list of moves which you can practice. It skips onto the next move once you have completed the current move successfully. It also has a combo meter which indicates the hit points for each move and most importantly whether the combo is one combo or two combos linked together. Team Mode allows a two team of eight to go at it in a huge FMM tournament. Survival Mode gives you three different time limits and you have beat as many FMM characters in the alloted times with one life bar.

Fighters Megamix I have finished all nine tracks which revealed an extra option's screen which includes five hidden options. The third option, "Hyper Mode", when turned on sets all recovery time for moves to zero -> result: button masher heaven. The fourth option allows you to choose the opponent you want to practice against in training mode ... hmmm wonder if g-string Honey is in FMM. Currently, I do not know how to reveal these options (but I have played alot of FMM :)). I am still working on the other three hidden options.

Now that I have gotten a better look at the FV characters: I think they look very very cool. I will have to start playing FMM in Viper mode soon. The extra characters are hilarious (Kumachan, Kids Akira/Sarah, Deku, etc...). Get this as soon as you can :)

A few complaints:

  • Where are the taunts ?
  • Slows down when playing in Viper mode against a Viper opponent on a Viper background (try saying that five times quickly).
  • No ring outs.
One last thing, if this review makes FMM sound like a training tool for is. :)

Graphics: 9
Sound/Music: 7
Gameplay/Control: 9
Lasting Power: 9
Overall: 9


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