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Strikers 1945 - Atlus/Psikyo

by S. Ives (


    Overview: A vertically scrolling shooter with a WWII theme. Choose your plane, and shoot down enemy fighters en route to the bosses. Blow up some ground targets while you're at it as well. These bosses aren't your typical one-minute-and-they-bite-it type, no way. They will go through several forms before you finally wipe them out. The game is similar to Capcom's 1943, 1941, or 19xx.

Opinions: Here is a list of some things I liked (+) and also didn't like (-)about this game:

  • - Limited selection of weapons. You have just homing missiles, one gun that you power up with P-icons, and bombs.
  • + You have option probes that follow you wherever you go, ala R-Type. They shoot the aformentioned homing missiles. If you hold the fire button for a second and then release it, your probes will fire a really rippin' rapid fire laser which will come in very handy whenever you face those badder-than-heck bosses.
  • + Thank goodness for bombs. You'll need 'em.
  • -Unlimited continues enable you to breeze through it in one shot if you keep continuing. I usually limit myself to 5 continues. This knocks a couple points off the Lasting Power score.
  • + VERY nice graphics, with detailed backgrounds & some parallax. A little scaling on some enemies is used occasionally. (i.e. a couple of the bosses)
  • + Nice music fits the game quite well.
  • + Regressive-point continues kick in after a certain level (you bite the dust and see Game Over, you continue, you restart the level.). Adds a little challenge (while letting you go back and grab a few power ups before you rejoin the boss).
  • + The bomb sequence is awesome. Hit Bomb and your plane does a barrel roll, then drops it causing a killer explosion. KA-BLAAAMM!!!!

Graphics: 8

Sound/Music: 9

Gameplay: 10

Lasting Power: 7

Overall: 9

-S. Ives

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