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Newsletter from 07-20-1999
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07-20-1999 { New Releases, Europe News, C. Landers Delayed, and more... }

Hi all,

The past week hasn't seen much in the way of news. Over in Europe, Sega has begun its Dreamcast marketing campaign. In the UK Star Wars Episode I was recently released, and with it came a Dreamcast trailer. There are two different versions showing, but strange to say the least. The ads are supposed to reflect the social aspect of gaming. Thus, SoE's advert agency decided to project game playing aspects onto normal activities in life. The first ad is called 'Shave.' Basically, it features three foreign legion barbers racing to shave the heads of new recruits. At the end of the ad, the words, "Player 2 Wins" are shown. The second ad called 'Buoy' shows a group of kids at the beach throwing stones at a buoy. One child uses a 'special move' to get a direct hit. Umm, ok. To me, the ads have a remote and unrelated feel, reminding me of the early Saturn ads in the US.

In other European news, Sega today announced a large reshuffling of personnel in preparation for the Sept. 23rd Dreamcast launch. In total, six upper level people have been moved around in the marketing departments. Positions affected include: European Marketing Director, Head of UK Marketing, Euro Marketing Manager, Marketing Manager, Product and PR for UK, Product Marketing Manager, and European Advertising Product Manager. Each of the people hired or promoted for the jobs came from prior jobs at Sega, MicrosoftUK, Ubisoft, and M&C Saatchi (advertising co).

It seems that Climax Landers has once again been delayed. Previously the game was set for a July 29th release in Japan. It has now been postponed until further notice due to some minor bugs found in the game. Capcom has announced that they will be bringing their 3D fighter, Star Gladiator 2 to the Dreamcast sometime in October. Over in the US, Capcom will be heavily supporting the DC with four DC titles set for release in the US this year. The first, Power Stone will be making an early debut in stores on September 1st; one week ahead of the DC release. The game will also be available for rental from Hollywood video on August 1st. The second game is Marvel vs. Capcom which is slated as a launch title for the system. It will be available for rent on August 30th. Street Fighter Alpha 3 will follow in October, and Resident Evil: Code Veronica in November.

For Saturn fans, there are only three games left on the Japan release list. The first is set to be released on the 29th. Its an adventure from NEC called With You. The next is perhaps the biggest ending release for the Saturn, Street Fighter Alpha 3. It is set for an August 5th release. The release date of the final game is currently not known. Sega plans to release Sonic 3D in Japan as a final parting title for the Saturn. Not the greatest title as a final 'goodbye,' more than likely, SFZ3 will be remembered as the final real game for the system.

The latest software sales figures for Japan are now available and Dreamcast titles took first and second place. The recently released Shutoku Racer took first, and Sonic Adventure came in second. Sonic Adventure now has total sales of over 400,000 copies.

FGNOnline reported today that in a TV interview, Yu Suzuki revealed that Shenmue Chapter 1 will be on more than two GD-Roms while the entire series has the potential to have as many as 15 chapters in the end.

One last thing, recently a number of visitors to the site have question as to where the Genesis codes are. Well, due to space restrictions on my web server I cannot post them. The plain text version of the codes is around 1Meg which pushes me over current space restrictions. Sorry about this, but if there is a code you'd like, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Well, that's all for this week see ya!


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