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01-11-1999 { DC Delays, Upcoming Games, News and more... }

Hi all,

The past week has seen several Dreamcast delays. The most major has been that of Sega Rally 2. Originally set for a January 14th release, the game officially has been pushed back until January 28th. Sega cites time necessary to fully test the network play modes as the reason for the delay. In their press release, they repeatedly apologized for the delay, but continued to say that an announcement would soon follow. Though none has, shortly after news of the delay, the game's listing on SoJ's release list moved from the 14th to TBA, then a few days ago moved to the 28th confirming prior reports. In related news, the steering wheel was moved to the 22nd of the month. Warp's Real Sound: Kaze No Regret has been moved from February to a March 11th release. Several other titles have moved around a bit, so check out the DC release dates page for full info.

Capcom's Power Stone a Naomi and Dreamcast title is on its way. The arcade version is about 90% complete while the console version is about 60% done. Power Stone is essentially Final Fight, but taking place in three dimensions allowing for much more interaction with one's surroundings. Capcom promises the home version to be the same as the arcade game. The home version is set for an April 1st release in Japan. Speaking of Capcom, along with rumors of Capcom vs. Marvel being in the works for the DC, there are now rumors that Street Fighter Zero 3 will hit the Dreamcast as well. Currently the game is out for the PSX with no plans for a Saturn version. I hate to comment on rumors until some sort of announcement comes so for now I'll leave it at that, a complete rumor.

Other games recently announced include a few from Konami. KoJ will be bringing some of its classic games such as ISS (Soccer/football) and Track & Field. Europress has also stated that they are looking into developing Rally Championship 1999 for the Dreamcast. The game currently in development for the PC looks very impressive and has lots of features that make it a competitor with Sega Rally 2 (Not to mention that '99 is a sequel to a top selling International Rally Champ.) Please note that while IGN claims the game has been 'confirmed' in an interview, the interviewee merely stated that the developer was considering a port.

No new games for the Saturn were released in the past week, though this month one should expect to see Elandoree and Rockman 8. That's all for this week, keep those e-mails coming! I'll try to get some new snapshots online this week as well.


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