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Newsletter from 12-07-1998
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12-07-1998 { Site News, DC News, Release Dates Update, and more... }

Hello all!

Ok, I've begun work on moving a few things around and now have separated the news area from the Saturn section into its own directory. With the structure of the site now 'finalized' I will begin work on articles when I have the time. With several papers due and finals week coming up I am not sure how much I will be able to get done.

Sega continues to ship more Dreamcasts in Japan, some estimates pointing to about 75,000 units shipping each week. With the availability gradually increasing, import pricing of the console has already begun to fall. Accounting for exchange rate changes in the past week (Yen gaining on USD), console prices have dropped more than $100. A Dreamcast console now sells for $540US versus $650 last week. When more data comes in later this week, I'll post a chart of it in the Dreamcast area.

Release dates have shifted around a bit also. Blue Stinger has been moved to a March '99 release. The RPG Evolution was pushed back a month to a January 21st release. See the DC Dates area for full information.

Konami has also announced their first two Dreamcast titles. The first is a port of the arcade game Pop'n Music. The game is pretty much like BeatMania as a sound generation title based on user input. Konami's second title is an original effort called Flight Shooting. As sim featuring over 30 types of aircraft to choose from, one will be sent on various missions..depending on the craft you choose to pilot, the mission difficulty will of course vary. The games are set to be released in February 1999 and Spring 1999 respectively.

Some people have been asking about the Dreamcast's Internet access ability. At this time users must dial into a certain server located in Japan to register their system and be assigned usernames etc. From there one has access. One presumably can use another ISP rather than Sega's own Dricas service. Currently there are about 40,000 users in Japan that have signed up for the service or about 30% of DC owners.

There were also a few Saturn games set for release last week, but I have not recieved any confirmation that they have shipped: Farland Saga from TGL, and My Fair Lady ~Virtual II~. This week, several games are set to ship. Four of which are re-releases. The re-releases are: Chaos Seed, Princess Crown, Rockman X4, Silhouette Mirage. Also set for release this week are the games: Long Fantasies Ensemble, and Noel 3.

Well, that's about all for this week. I apologize for cutting it short this week but I must get back to my studies.



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