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Newsletter from 11-02-1998
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11-02-1998 { DC News, New Releases, Release Dates Update, Site Status, and more... }

Hello all,

I hope everyone received last weeks update ok. I still have not solved the mail server problems and am using an alternative delivery method (which is a real pain). I am looking into setting up my own mail server, but am lacking the software at the moment. If anyone can recommend some free server software that will handle Internet SMTP delivery for Windows or Linux please contact me. Work is still slowly continuing on the new areas for the site...when their authoring is complete I will then have to make changes to almost every file that the site contains and completely re-upload the site. I'll keep you posted on the development status...

Ok, not much happened this past week. On the site, I've updated the release dates list for Japan to include this month and next. Most games are listed however some are missing as I could not translate the title well enough. Bad news for some fans as Capcom has canceled release of their long awaited Dungeons & Dragons Collection. The game would have been the last title to use the 4Meg RAM cart. Speaking of upcoming Saturn titles, Working Designs has finally completed work on Magic Knight Rayearth. However, JVC who manufactures CDs for WD has a production backlog of 6-8 weeks. Vic Ireland of WD has stated that they have gotten JVC down to a 5 week delay, but things may change. WD plans to use the extra time for any necessary fine tuning of the title.

There were also two new releases last week on the Saturn: Falcom Classics Vol. 2 and Magical Drop 3 (RC).

While Sega had begun mass marketing of the Dreamcast in Japan months ago, and had retailers open pre-orders last week it seems Sega has done too well in getting gamers ready for the system. In two days, over 100 thousand DC console pre-orders were booked with various retailers. Sega has since asked vendors to limit the number of pre-orders they take. Manufacturing problems with NEC's PowerVR2 DC chip have been cited as the primary reason for expected shortages of the console. The extreme demand along with lower supply will make for some very pricey exports.

Rage software is extremely close to completing the DC port of Incoming. So close that they are now citing a probable November 27th release instead of the previously announced mid-December release. Visually the game looks identical or better than its PC counterpart. Imagineer will be publishing the game in Japan.

Warrz: A massively multiplayer RPG for the Dreamcast. Recently announced for the Dreamcast the game will allow for up to 5,000 simultaneous players. Warrz is set in a medieval world where they work to destroy an over-lord. The game is being developed by Shouei Systems.

For fans of the offbeat game Toejam & Earl, they will eventually be seeing a third part in the series featuring the pair of aliens. TJ&E III's gameplay will be based on the original 3/4 adventure rather than the platform sequel, TJ&E 2. The game is set for a late 1999 release on the Dreamcast and N64. The makers of the TJ&E series are currently working on a publishing deal with GT Interactive.

That's all for this week, thanks again for the support. See ya in seven days!


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