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Newsletter from 10-26-1998
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Hello all,

I apologize for the problems with last weeks update. The question of whether they have been solved or not is leaning to 'no' at the moment. If this newsletter does not end with the standard newsletter signature, then the problem still exists. Thus, check the site or e-mail me if you want the full copy of the update.

It boils down to mail system security (due to spammers) and possible program bugs. Oh well...doing what I can to resolve the problem.

Last week there were several new releases for the Saturn in Japan. Of course, the biggest release is the long awaited Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. The game does live up to the hype and is well worth the long wait. There is a complete review on the site for you to check out. Three other games came out as well: Mizubaku Adventure (Ving/Platform), Sega Ages: Micky Mouse Collection (Sega/Platform), and Strikers 1945 Part 2 (Psikyo/Shooter). Two puzzle games came as well, Rox from Altron. Rox is a tetris variant using dice as the 'falling' objects. A re-release of Magical Drop 3 from Data East also came out.

Last week, BioWare Corp announced that they are working on MDK2 for the Dreamcast. The game is set for a late '99 release in the US. Interplay will publish the game. BioWare will be using their own custom 3D engine which they claim allows for extremely realistic 3D worlds and sophisticated AI scripting. MDK2 continues from the original game MDK by Shiny.

With extremely high demands for the Dreamcast console not only in Japan, but abroad, it is already becoming difficult to secure a unit. Sega has already contacted several Japanese retailers, asking them to stop taking pre-orders. This only three days after pre-orders were starting to be taken. It seems that Sega is not able to manufacture enough units to meet demand. Previously they had planned to ship over one million units by year's and now the million unit target may not be met (some reports claim Q1 '99 others say Sega still expects to make their target). The problem: NEC cannot make enough working PowerVR2 DC chips. Thus, a shortage in Japan will make it even more difficult for those wishing to import the DC system. Expect to see some places charging ridiculous prices....even a few UK based importers are quoting 1000 prices for console + game combos. Well, UK gamers donut worry since one place such as NCSX promises much lower prices to Europeans.

With its disappointing TGS showing, Sega Rally 2 has been subject to many questions of whether the game would be ready in time for the DC launch. Well, now its serious crush time for Sega. Currently they have finished the music and track design work and now are on to heavy coding...that is getting the graphics up to speed along with adding some new play modes and even real-time weather effects. To get all this done, the game is being worked on in shifts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the aid of a ton of caffeine. Oh my, lets hope they make it.

Well, I'm afraid with midterms and a few papers coming up, I'll have to cut this update a bit short compared to the last two. Hope to resolve the mail system problems ASAP. I'm still working on the Genesis and DC areas as well. Thanks for the continued support, cya in seven!


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