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Newsletter from 10-04-1998
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10-04-1998 { New Releases, DC News, Site Status, and more... }


I'm just writing a little note to say that I'm still alive. After a forced leave of absence, I'm back in business. I've been completely without access to computers for the past week so I'm quite behind on news and work on the Genesis/Dreamcast areas.

Well, last week there were three Saturn releases in Japan: Densha Da Go! EX, King of Fighters Best Collection. and Sakura Tsushin Remaking Memories. Coming from Taito, Densha is a sim in which you are a train conductor traveling through various environments. KoF Best Collection includes KoF 95-97. The 3CD package includes the ROM cart necessary for KoF '95, while a 1Meg or 4Meg cart is needed to run Kof '96 and KoF '97.

Also announced were three new collection titles for a November 19th release in Japan. The collections are: All Japan Pro Wrestling featuring Virtua, Side Pocket 3 and Street Fighter Zero 2 Dash. They will be priced at about ¥2900.

Last week Climax (not related to Climax Graphics for Blue Stinger) , the creators of Landstalker and Dark Saviour announced their first Dreamcast title. The game is simply, Climax Landers. The game is a real-time 3D RPG that uses a turn-based battle system and features randomly generated dungeons. No news on the time of its release. Bizarre Creations also announced their second DC title, Furballs. In development for about six months, This one is a shooter using cartoon style characters and graphics. Other Dreamcast titles in development in Japan include: Cho Hamaru Golf, Make your own pro baseball team!, and Evolution.

Dreamcast prices are still not quite official, but numbers are still pointing to about ¥30 000 or $220US.

Well, that's about all for this week. Hope things will get back to normal now that I'm setup in the dorms etc. Thanks for the support, cya in a week!


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