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Newsletter from 09-26-1998
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09-26-1998 { New Saturn Releases, Dates Update, DC News, and more... }

Hello all,

I'm rather strapped for time this evening as I will be leaving early tomorrow morning to the university. As things stand right now, I won't have access to my local account; I'll be offline for a week, perhaps more. I will be taking a compressed copy of dEX along with me and with luck their public systems will be available for me to make site updates remotely. Barring any further delays I should have my own computer setup and the site will return to normal in a week. E-mails to me will have to wait until then.

There were five new Saturn releases in Japan last week. From Capcom came their second volume in their Generations collection. Vol. 2 contains the three Ghouls & Ghosts games: Ghosts & Goblins, Ghouls & Ghosts, and Super Ghouls & Ghosts. The CD contains no real surprises, but is a nice collection of platformers. Two RPGs also were released, Sega's Shining Force III: Scenario 3, and one from Altron called Sorvice. Also out is a vertical shooter from TGL called Steam Hearts. The game is based on the original PC-Engine game and features (adult) anime style cut scenes.

This coming week there will be several Saturn releases in Japan. Check out the Japan release dates area on the site for more info...Looking forward, as you've probably already read, the Dreamcast console release has been postponed by one week in Japan. It is now set for a November 27th release date. Various reasons have been cited including time needed to make more DC hardware and time to put final touches on software.

With the Tokyo Toy Show coming in a few weeks, more companies are announcing their plans for the Dreamcast. SNk has recently announced that they will be bringing a King of Fighters game that's based on KoF '98 with the addition of some Dreamcast specific features and of course, Neo Geo Pocket support. A special version of Samurai Spirits may also be headed to the Dreamcast. Ubi-Soft is working on four Dreamcast titles, one is Rayman 2, set for a late '99 release. The others are an F1 racing game, Speed Busters, and D-Jump. Rage is also hard at work on a DC port of their 3D shooter, Incoming. They plan to show a playable version at the Tokyo Toy Show running at 50 to 60 fps.

That's all for now, again thanks for the support! Cya!


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