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Newsletter from 09-20-1998
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09-20-1998 { New Releases in Japan and Europe, DC News, and more... }

Hi all!

Last week the remaining listed European title for the Saturn shipped, Deep Fear. Little is different from the Japanese version aside from a few language/text changes. Some of you have asked about my mentioning of Shining Force 3: Scenario 2 for release in Europe. At this time its release is a rumor and quite unofficial. SoA and SoE representatives have hinted at future Saturn releases but refuse to give any details. Now, only one title is officially left for release outside of Japan, Working Designs forever delayed Magic Knight Rayearth. It's set for an October release in the States...curious, is anyone still waiting to actually buy this title? We've a long year ahead...

Over in Japan, there were a few 'new' releases. As I said in last week's update, two shooters were re-released at a lower price....Atlus' shooter Do Don Pachi and Technos' Thunderforce V. Falcom's Classics collection and Simulation RPG School should have also been released, but I haven't read anything about them. Coming this week are several games...first Capcom will be shipping their Generations Vol. 2 CD. The CD features the Ghouls & Ghosts trilogy. Two games from Sega, Nadesico: The Blank of 3 Years, and Shining Force 3: Scenario 3. And finally, Steam Hearts from TGL.

One last thing on the Saturn....for months Virtua Fighter 3 appeared at the ends of Sega of Japan's release lists with a date of 'TBA.' Finally it has been put to rest as there will be no VF3 Saturn.

A correction on last week's report of the early first party Dreamcast titles from Sega, Sega Rally 2 will be coming, as will be Virtua Fighter 3: Team Battle and not VF: RPG as stated last week. Sega won't comment on VF: RPG...Team Battle will have 12 characters, 13 stages, and a tournament system. Rally 2 will have ten courses and at least ten cars to choose from along with online network racing. Sega promises both titles will be perfect arcade ports. Konami is also quietly beginning work on their DC games, one of the early titles, a port of Metal Gear Solid. MGS will be similar to the PSX version, but with improved graphics and sound taking advantage of the DC's abilities. If one isn't familiar with MGS it's a real time 3d action/adventure game which is making many waves in the Sony arena...

In the adventure genre, Climax is working on a Resident Evil style game called Blue Stinger. The graphics are quite can take a look at some screenshots on SoJ's web site:

In America, Sega has begun some early demonstration of the DC console to retailers. The attendees were required to sign NDAs so any details out there are quite sketchy and difficult to confirm. As becoming 'the norm' Sonic Adventure was shown. Dates for the console release were said as "late summer or fall '99," and yes, as with the Japanese and European version of the Dreamcast, the American version will include a modem.

I'm still without a 'normal' monitor...thus its difficult to do any graphics work. I apologize for the lack of DC screenshots on the site etc. For the Genesis area, I've finished the game list for the console and the 32X add on and am about 50% done with the Sega CD software list. Next week I will be moving into the dorms at UC Davis and therefore there's a good chance that there will be no dEX Update next Sunday. If I've the time and things are in relative order I'll have an update within a few days of the 27th....again, thanks for the support! Cya in a week! (I hope :)


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