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Newsletter from 09-06-1998
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09-06-1998 { New Releases, Surprise: MKR Delayed, ECTS Begins, and more... }

Hello all!

Well, it has not been a good week. Monday I finally got my monitor back. Only to have the darn thing go out (with the exact same problem) the next evening. Back to the shop I went, and of course the monitor tech was not in...nor did they know exactly when he would return. I give them a few more days before I just ask for a refund and send off a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. Anyway, I'm making some good progress on the list of Genesis titles. I've found a good long list which has publisher information for most of the titles for which I previously had no info. Thanks to those who've offered their help as well. It's very appreciated.

In terms of news, this week has been very quiet. For the Saturn its been pretty much normal for a while. Normal being a few more releases in Japan and not much else. From Game Arts came Slayers Royal 2. The sequel uses a 3/4 isometric view and it also ships with a mini character from the game. The mini character doubles as a wrist cord for a cellular phone. Hudson re-released two titles for a lowered price of ¥2800: a 3D shooter Bulk Slash, and a overhead view RPG Momotaro Dochuki. Jaleco also published its own re-release at a price of ¥4800, Suchie Pai Adventure. The 3D isometric adventure title uses characters from Jaleco's popular Suchie Pai strip mahjongg titles.

Once again, Working Design's has pushed back the US release of Magic Knight Rayearth. This time its set to be released in late September. However, Electronics Boutique lists its current ship date as October 14th.

Well, in the past week the rumor mill has been turning. The latest rumor floating around puts Sega has having contacted authors of a PC based Playstation emulator. Their request, to create a PSX emulator for the Dreamcast console. A very interesting rumor, technically possible, but its not something worth paying a lot of attention to. At least until some form of announcement or the actual software appears.

Right now the media and gamers in Britain are getting a peak of developer's latest software at the ECTS. Thus far there's no major news to report on, but behind closed doors more may be happening. The show opened thus morning (6th) and runs through Tuesday. If any readers out there are be in London for the show, I'd love to hear from you!

I'm still catching up on e-mails so if you've sent a message and still haven't gotten a reply, please be patient. That's all for this week, cya!


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