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Newsletter from 08-30-1998
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08-30-1998 { New Releases, DC Info, Site Status, and more... }

Hi all!

Its been several weeks since the last real update. The site has as well been essentially dead for the duration as well. Unfortunately I am still without my monitor. I'm quite upset with the repair shop as one day I was told it was being burnt in, then the following day I was told that the replacement parts hadn't arrived yet. Ugh..what a mess this has become.

In the meantime, I have been outlining and doing some preliminary development for the Genesis and Dreamcast areas. At this point I am gathering a release list for the Genesis. The most difficult part has been in tracking down the publishers of various titles. Especially those that were released before 1991. Of over 700 titles in my current list, I've matched about 300 to their respective developers. So, I've quite a ways to go...if you know of a list that has publisher information, I'd most like to have a copy of it.

Ok, on to the news. There were two new releases in Japan this past week, from NEC came a quest/RPG type game called Black Matrix. The game uses a 3/4 overhead view. Also out was Capcom's Generations Volume #1. This collection is of three classic shooters from Capcom: 1942, 1943, and 1943 Kai. Coming this week we should see the release of Kadokawa's/ESPs RPG Slayers Royal 2.

Also, Capcom has announced that Marvel Super Heroes v. Street Fighter will be shipping on October 22nd in Japan. The game will come in CD only or CD/4Meg cart versions.

The biggest news in the past weeks has been the first demonstration of Sonic Team's Sonic Adventure title for the Dreamcast. Of course, the game itself sported amazing graphics of detail many times higher than any other console game out there. One common comparison is to take Mario 64, and increase the amount of detail in terms of texturing, object quality, and effects many times. The game includes five playable characters including: Sonic, Knuckles the Echidna, Miles Power aka Tails, and Amy Rose. The game is separated into two general types of play: adventure fields which involve more exploration, and action fields which have the familiar high speed aspects of past Sonic titles. The game also uses an AI system based on the A-Life system pioneered in Nights. With this one will be able to make friends (or enemies) in the game. This data will work in conjunction with the VMS system. The basic premise of the game is that Sonic must prevent the evil Dr. Eggman from creating Eggman Land.

The show in which the game was also quite interesting. Attendees were given little pamphlets containing basic game information and four screenshots. More screenshots could be obtained in a larger pamphlet if one wanted to shell out the yen (who wouldn't?). The demonstration done with the game's director, Mr. Takashi Iizuka playing several levels. Yuji Naka also picked up the Dreamcast unit on stage and showed that the CD was being played on the console. Most of the screenshots of the game out there are pretty much the same, so I suggest you head by and take a look at the screenshots. Most other game sites have the same pics as well. I apologize for not having them on dEX, but the monitor issue keeps me from working on anything involving graphics. The title is listed as a late '98 release, but they hope to have the game out with the Dreamcast's launch.

That's all for this week. Thanks for your support, and I again apologize for the lack of site updates.


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