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Newsletter from 08-03-1998
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08-03-1998 { New Releases, DC News, Site Updates, and Misc Site Info... }

Hello all!

Sorry I'm a day late on this, I had a very busy weekend without the time to sit down and write a proper update. First off, I wanted to say that I missed the European release of Shining Force III: Scenario 1, it came out on July 17th. The release wasn't listed in any of my normal sources. Thanks to those who've pointed the missed release out to me. If you can recommend any good sources for PAL games and news (aside from the likes of UK:R, Game-Online etc), please let me know! SF3: Sc. 1 has also just been released in US stores. The game has been released in fairly limited quantities similar to that of PDS. With the release of this game, it brings into question if Sega has any more Saturn games planned for US and European release (Aside from Deep Fear in Europe). At times Sega has hinted at bringing out more titles but they've also left it unsaid as to what they would be releasing. Two games that are obvious candidates are the second and third scenarios in the SF3 series. Some distributors also mention that six titles will be coming...until Sega says anything it looks like Magic Knight Rayearth for the US, and Deep Fear in Europe will be the last non-Japanese Saturn releases for a while.

Last week Konami released its 'Antiques Ultra Pack' for the Saturn. The CD contains thirty classic games from the MSX (years ago, a very popular computer system in Asia). It includes games such as Gradius, Shao-Lin's Road, Timepilot and Twinbee. Astra Superstars has been postponed one week and should be available in a day. Other releases coming this week in Japan include two SNK Collections: Real Bout Fatal Fury, and Samurai Spirits. Doukoku Soshite Final Edition from Data East, and Wachenroder from Sega are also shipping this week in Japan. Out today is an action/strategy game called Angelique Duet from Koei. The task in Angelique is to achieve world domination through political and other means.

In news, Sega has released many more images from the upcoming Dreamcast game which has now been renamed to 'Godzilla Generations.' You will find them in the July news section. The game is expected to be released in Japan in December. Also expected to be released at about the same time on the Dreamcast are Sonic Adventure, and Table of D2 (launch title).

I'm still working on the two new areas and hope to have them online by month's end. However, I am very close to the space alotted to me at dEX even before the addition of these areas which puts the addition of the areas in jeopardy. That's all for this week, cya!


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