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Newsletter from 07-26-1998
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07-26-1998 { New Releases, SegaCon Delayed, DC news, and more... }

Hi all!

The past week has been fairly quiet. For the Saturn, five new titles shipped in Japan:

  • Code R (Quintet/Dating)
  • High School Terra Story (Kid/Dating)
  • Lunar 2: Eternal Blue (GameArts/RPG)
  • Madou Monogatari (Compile/Adventure)
  • Radiant Silvergun (Treasure/Shooter)
This week we should see the release of Sunsoft's Astra Super Stars in Japan. The game is another offbeat 2D fighting game. It will use the 1Meg cart, but should be compatible with the newer 4Meg memory cards as well. We may also see the US release of Shining Force III: Scenario I, though some sources say it has been delayed until August 3rd.

In other news, SegaCon, a Sega fan convention has been moved from its previous mid August dates to December 5th and 6th. The reason for the move was made after many requests to postpone the conference until after the debut of Sega's Dreamcast in Japan. The conference will be held in Wilmington, North Carolina. Cost of admission for both days is currently $20US. For more information check out:

Game-Online, a European gaming site has released their views on some Dreamcast demonstrations shown at this years E3. Until very recently, the demos were under NDA from Sega. Check out the news area for details and a link to the full article at Game-Online.

Argonaut has let it known that they are 'well into development' of a Dreamcast title set to be released in Europe. At this time they cannot release much in the way of details, but that Sega will be publishing the title. Hudson has also announced that they are working on their first DC title called, Kitahe. Essentially its an advanced dating sim in which you wander around parts of Hokkaido trying to meet girls. NEC has announced two more titles in the works: Monster Breed, and Mercurius Pretty. In the first game you raise monsters and send them off to battle other monsters. The game also includes elements of exploration where in various (randomly generated) dungeons one can find various items. There are more than 180 characters in the game, each containing more than 5,000 polygons. Mercurius Pretty is a 2D fairy-breeding simulation. A port of a PC game that was released several years ago. It is to run at 640x480 resolution in full color.

Ok, for a while I've been hinting at some changes on the site. They are still in planning. First off I plan to add an area dedicated to the Sega Genesis and related information. It has been difficult to get some of the information on the console but thus far things are progressing smoothly. I'll need help in terms of software reviews, and more specific information such as copies of manuals, etc. The second area will be dedicated to the Dreamcast console. At this time I am still working on writing articles, and planning how they three Sega areas will be integrated into dEX. If you'd like to help out with articles or supplying information, let me know!

Thanks for reading...see ya in a week!


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