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Newsletter from 07-06-1998
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07-06-1998 { Slow Week, Two New Relases, Misc News, and more... }

Hello all,

I apologize for being a day late, however I've been quite busy the past few days and now am fighting a strange problem with my monitor. I'm still working quite a but on the new areas planned for dEX and I can't accurately estimate when they will be ready. I've completed part of the writing for one of the areas, and still need to do some research and heavy graphics work. Probably at least two weeks before it will go online. On to the news...

Things have slowed down quite a bit this year, and in the past week, there were two new releases both in Japan. First off is a 2D shooter from Atlus called Sol Divide. Then from Enix is a soccer management sim, 'Become the coach for the national team!' aka Soccer RPG. :) Today we should see the release of Capcom's Pocket Fighters and tomorrow another title in the Sega Ages series, Galaxy Force II. Pocket Fighter will use the 4meg RAM cart for extra animations as expected.

In Europe and the US we're still suffering from a continuing lack of native releases. Burning Rangers is set for a July 19th release in Europe, and Shining Force III seems to be delayed in both regions until about July 16th. In an interview with US magazine, EGM, Sega of America's CEO Bernie Stolar hinted that Sega is still considering more US releases of Saturn games after the successful Panzer Dragoon Saga and Burning Rangers launches.

Don't expect too many details on upcoming Dreamcast titles for two more months... It seems that Sega has placed strict non disclosure agreements on developers until September. In the event of the NDA violation, Sega threatens legal action....more developers seem to be impressed with the abilities of Sega's upcoming console. Human, Banpresto, and Naughty Dog Software are all looking into developing for the system. Other companies recently announcing their plans to back the Dreamcast include Ocean, Koei, and NEC.

That's all for now, cya! Again I aplogize for the lack of site updates of late. Will do my best to get the new areas online as soon as possible.


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