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Newsletter from 06-07-98
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06-07-98 { Poll 12 Results, Few New Releases, BR Shots, and more... }

Hi all!

This past week has been a quiet one. A few new releases have made their way onto store shelves. And some images of the backside of the Dreamcast console and controllers have also made their way onto the net. The DC controller back has two triggers similar to the analog controller for the Saturn. Other than that there is a large opening for VMS cards. Fairly straightforward and simple. The back of the console reveals nothing special. Several ports for modem, A/V, and power. Unfortunately the external connectors look to be non standard so one will have buy from Sega instead of using existing cabling.

In the US, Burning Rangers has hit the stores. Unfortunately it seems to be appearing in even lower quantities than PD Saga did. The only changes made were the translation of text and speech to English. The speech adds a lot to the game as it consists of instructions from the other characters which will help you through various goals in the level. Controlling your character takes a little getting used to but once you get things down, its loads of fun. Overall, a great title. BR is due out in Europe on June 19th. A second shipment of PD Saga has also reached US stores so if you haven't already picked up a copy, its a good time to start looking around.

On the site, I've put up a bunch of screenshots from the game in the snapshots area. With the US release of BR, that only leaves two titles for the Saturn: Shining Force 3: Episode I, and Magic Knight Rayearth. However, when questioned of future US Saturn releases, Bernie Stolar hinted at the possibility of a few more games. He said that they were considering more releases, but it was dependent on retailer and distributor support. After the strong sales of PD Saga, Stolar has finally learned the value of an RPG and says that more RPGs will be coming in the future (not sure if he meant DC or Saturn).

Also released in the past week for the Saturn was Grandia Digital Museum in Japan. In Europe, Riven was set to be released, however I have yet to see any news on the European sites confirming its release. Riven is a 4disc sequel to the big selling Myst from years ago. Pretty graphics, so-so gameplay. Shining Force 3: Episode I is set to hit Europe next week (the 12th) so if all goes well, it should be in the shops as well. US gamers will have to wait until June 25th. In Japan, Langrisser V: The End of Legend is expected on June 16th. While on the 25th we should see the release of Super Adventure Rockman and Dracula X (hopefully).

Poll number 12 has been completed and the results were split...with an exact 50/50 vote for buying an import vs. buying a local version of the Dreamcast console. See the polling area for a few comments that voters made.

On a final note, I will be on vacation for a week starting this Tuesday. So don't expect any site updates until at least the 17th. There will be no dEX update next week as well. That's all for now, cya!


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