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Newsletter from 05-18-98
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05-18-98 { PVRSG Technology Overview, PD Saga Review, Releases, and more... }

Hello all,

Sorry I'm a day late on this. I spent yesterday working on the PVRSG overview which is now on the site in the Saturn/Specials area. In the article you will find some information on the chipset, and some images demonstrating certain features unique to the chip. As more information on PVRSG boards becomes available, expect to see a follow up article.

Later this week, Sega of Japan will be announcing details on its next console. Early Thursday morning, we'll have official word on the system and a hopefully a name among other things...I'll have the information on the site by the afternoon. SoJ is setting a target price of 20 to 30 thousand yen, or about 150-220USD. Japanese launch is as expected November '98...

Unfortunately, rumors proved to be correct and Konami decided to delay shipping Dracula X for the Saturn until June 25th. Baroque was also delayed and should be available this week instead. I'm still looking for images from the game to post, but thus far haven't found any that were of good enough quality. Last week there was one new release in Japan, Super Tempo. Its a sequel to one of the last Genesis games, Tempo. The original title was an average platformer so its hard to say if the sequel adds anything making it worth the money.

There is one new title coming out this week in Japan. Its is a sim from Hudson called Shadow of the Tusk. I haven't been able to find any details on the game however...

On the site, there is now a review of Panzer Dragoon Saga for your perusal. Don't worry just yet if you can't seem to find a copy in US stores. Sega plans to repress the title and release more copies. Playing it cautious obviously by releasing a limited number of games. Interestingly, Sega only sent out a press release on the game last week, a little late. The title has yet to appear in Sega's online store..perhaps tomorrow on the 19th it will appear. Otherwise it will just take patience if you haven't found a copy yet.

That's all this week, cya!


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