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Newsletter from 04-26-98
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04-26-98 { Next Console News, HoTD Blood Code, New Releases, Savaki Pics, and more... }

Hi all!

Ok, this week has been busier than previous ones. I managed to make nine updates to the site in various areas...

First off, in the past week there were three new releases in Japan: Gun Griffon 2 from GameArts, Super Robot Wars F Conclusion, and the second part of the Shining Force 3 series. The first two titles have gotten pretty good reviews in Saturn Fan with GG2 scoring 8's and 9's while Robot Wars got three 10's. No word on SFIII:2, but more than likely the game will continue the high quality of its predecessors with more missions. There will be one more part in the SFIII series which I think is due out this fall.

The only news this week was concerning Sega's next console. First off, SoJ has decided to officially reveal the console on May 21. A few days before Warp shows off D2 for the system. Stateside, CEO Bernie Stolar has told a little bit about his US launch plans for the console. The target date remains May 1999. Finally, Game-Online has stated that final development kits are being shipped along with some quick demos of Scud Racer being shown. See the news area for more info on all three of these stores and a supposed pic from the Scud Racer demo.

Ok, House of The Dead should now be nicely spread throughout shops in the UK. So, do you hate that green blood crap? Well no more as a debug code for the game has been revealed! You are able to choose from three colors of blood, as well as enabling other options including infinite lives and a stage select. The code has been verified to work on Euro versions. It also works to some extent in the Japanese version, but the blood color option is not present :(. See the site for the code...Kudos go to Joerg Brockmeier for this code.

Last week I talked about a kick-boxing game called 'Savaki.' Well, I've put a few pics of the game up in the Snapshots area. I still haven't heard anything else about the title as far as game play goes.

That's about all the Sega news I have this week...In the Grey Matter area of the site I've added a few more photos and five essays in their respective sections. Cya next week!


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