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Newsletter from 04-19-98
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04-19-98 { V. Savior review, new releases, release dates update, misc. news, and more... }

Hello all!

On the site, I've updated the release dates list and to it added a schedule for release dates in Japan. Some of the names are probably wrong or lost in translation. Speaking of release dates, earlier this week there was a little noise made about VF3 coming to the Saturn. A few Sega/Saturn sites posted 'news' stating that SoJ had announced VF3 Saturn and it would come out in June. It stems from VF3 being posted at SoJ's partial English release date list. When looking at the page, the game is listed as date: N/A. Furthermore, its been listed as date 'TBA' on the Japanese language release list for months. Needless to say, such 'news' is completely false.

Also new at dEX is a review of Vampire Savior. To accompany the review, I've put up a copy of the FAQ for Vampire Savior in the Codes area. This FAQ is for the arcade version and therefore is incomplete. Also, for those who own the '4-in-1' cart will be happy to know that there is a way to modify the cart so that it will work with Vampire Savior. NCSX has posted an info page with instructions. I must warn you that it's not a good idea to do this on your own unless you are familiar with soldering etc. NCSX has stated that they will perform the modification for you if you so desire...for more info on the mod, look here:

There were three new releases for the past week, all in Japan:

  • Bomberman Wars (Hudson/Strategy)
  • Graduation III Sotsugyo (Shogakukan/Sim)
  • Savaki (Cynus/Kick Boxing)
Bomberman needs little explanation as I'm sure you are quite familiar with the series. This time around the game uses a 3D isometric view vs. the more traditional top view. Savaki is the interesting title for the week. First since its a kick boxing title. Second because it runs at an ultra smooth 60FPS! from the pictures I've seen it looks pretty good, although the fighting area seems a little bare. Of course the images show little about the actual game play. I'll get a few screen shots up during the week if I can.

Some Electronics Boutique stores have begun selling import Saturn titles. Expect to pay a hefty price at these stores, up to $80. Very expensive considering most importers like NCSX, Tronix, etc. often sell imports for $40-50. But it is a nice step, currently EB lists two games coming for import, both in mid-may: Japan Pro Wrestling, and Vampire Savior. I'm not sure why it would take them so long to get these titles in as they've been out for a while. The extra expense could be that EB is using Tommo as its distributor for imports.

This week, we can expect to see Gun Griffon 2 from GameArts ship. The sequel gives more mech action with new missions, updated graphics, etc. It also supports link play in which two Saturns are connected together for multiplayer action. Of course, this also means 2 monitors, and 2 copies of the game...Also coming is Super Robot Wars F Conclusion. This game got very high ratings in Saturn Fan, the 10/10 scores! Don't have much info on it otherwise however.

That's all this week, cya!


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