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Newsletter from 04-05-98
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04-05-98 { Minor News, New Releases, HoTD Info, and more... }


It has been a very quiet week. Only a few releases in Japan. No major Saturn news worth noting came up. There is one thing for those in the UK...the May issue of Sega Saturn Magazine will come with a very special CD: The complete first disc to Panzer Dragoon Saga! The mag will hit the news stands on April 15th.

In the past week there have been various reports on Usenet that Sega has canceled its plans for future Saturn games in the US such as PD Saga, and Burning Rangers. I see no proof of such cancellations as the games still show on upcoming release charts including Sega's own for an early May launch.

New releases in the past week include:

  • Dragon Force 2 (Sega/RPG)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Ghiren's Greed (Bandai/Strategy)
  • Phantasy Star Collection (Sega/RPG)
  • Rockman X Mini-Game (Capcom/Platform)
  • Sakura Taisen 2 (Adventure)
I haven't heard many opinions on these new releases yet so there's little I can comment about. I do have some info on The House of The Dead. Mixed reviews on it overall. The game suffers from some choppiness and grain problems. Blood in the Japanese version IS green. This was done to appease the censors in Japan. Note that the green blood only seems to show when shooting someone. There are rumors of a red blood code, perhaps accessed through a debug mode of some sorts. Whether this mode is in the final version or not is the question. A PAR or Game Shark code may be another possibility if someone can find the right address to tweak. I'll let you know if a working code appears. The US version will have red blood by default. No word on the color for the European release.

At this year's E3 in Atlanta, it seems that VideoLogic will be taking up part of Sega's large booth space. They'll be showing off their new PowerVR hardware, collectively dubbed PowerVRSG by folks at NEC. It is also rumored that a mock-up of the next console will make an appearance. That's all this week, cya!


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