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Newsletter from 03-15-98
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03-15-98 { Bad News, 1 New Release, Euro Release Dates Schedule, and more... }

Hello all,

Its the ides of March....and if you don't already know, its quite sad, but Sega has decided to discontinue Saturn support in the US as of March 31st '98. This is in terms of software and hardware. At this time there has been no formal announcement, nor any information as to what is going to happen to future US titles such as Burning Rangers. The company cited poor sales due to heavy competition from Sony and Nintendo. Sega Enterprises expects to take a net loss of $301 million for this fiscal year, last year it made a $43 million profit. I'll keep you updated on this issue and post news on it as soon as possible. Sega of Europe plans to continue Saturn support citing future titles still in development...

In other news this week, it Capcom has announced that it will not be releasing X-men v. SF for the Saturn in the US. It looks like we are going to be forced to start picking up import titles if one hasn't begun so new release last week, Eve: The Lost One shipped in Japan. The game is the sequel to Eve: Burst Error, placing you in the same role as the female detective.

No new releases are expected this week. On the site, I've put up a release date list for Europe. I've also slightly updated the US version. I'd like to post a Japanese release list, so if an English version can be supplied, I'd be most grateful.

Its been a fairly quiet week otherwise so I have little else to say. Thanks for supporting dEX, cya in seven!


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