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Newsletter from 02-15-98
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02-15-98 { SegaSoft 'Closure' Update, New Releases, Burning Rangers, and more... }

Hi all, This update is rather brief as I'm quite tired now an am recovering from a long night out on Valentines Day. Here's what went on last week:

First off, the 'SegaSoft' closure article I reported on caused quite a stir. Stunning some folks at Sega Enterprises of US as to what was going on. The strange thing is that while SegaSoft is 'closing' it really isn't. What has actually happened is that SegaSoft has been reincarnated as SegaSoft Networks, Inc. The reason for 'closing' the old company was for tax purposes. See the site for the full story on that.

Last week, the excellent game Winter Heat shipped in Japan, and Europe. It was due to be at retailers in the US then as well. However, due do some sort of shipping delays, the game has now been pushed back to this week. No word on what's actually going on. There have been two new releases in the past week. The first one is a special NetLink edition of Daytona USA CCE. It can only be purchased direct from Sega of USA. The game costs $US19.95 and one can play against another person online or against the computer. There are rumors that the NetLink version is the same as the Japanese edition (compared to the rushed US CCE), but I have yet to confirm these. The main difference was that the Japanese version of CCE included both old (Blue, blue sky!) and new soundtracks (yawn.) Tamagotchi Park by Bandai was released in Japan. The game features those loveable critters in various puzzles and games.

This week we should see the Japanese release of the long awaited game Burning Rangers by Sonic Team. Burning Rangers features four major rounds each with several subsections. The first two areas are the already known ones: Fallen Memory, a cityscape and building based round. And Silent Blue, a water environment level. Round 3 consists of more cityscape..however in a more challenging arrangement. While Round 4 is a combination of all the previous levels making you use a variety of skills gained through the progression of past rounds. One can see a bunch of images in the 'Snapshots' area.

On the site, I've finally gotten around to updating the 'Photography' area in Grey Matter. Mainly I've reworked the setup of the portfolio and divided it into smaller sections. I've also added 3 new images (2 in B/W Gallery 2, and 1 in Color Gallery.) That's all this week, cya!


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