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Newsletter from 02-08-98
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02-08-98 { SegaSoft Closed, Winter Heat Info, Upcoming Games, misc news and more... }

Hello all!

This past week has been fairly slow, but a few things did take place. Here's a brief summary: First off, it has been announced that SegaSoft will be closed. CSK and Sega Enterprises announced early last week that the the SegaSoft group will be liquidated by the end of March. Another closing was announced this week, the IGN site, SaturnWorld will be coming to an end. The editors have been pulled from running the site to work on 'other projects.' Recently, many stores have begun clearing out Saturn titles. See where to get the best deals in the news area. For all the info on these stories, see the Breaking News section on the site.

New game for this week: Winter Heat. With the opening of the Winter Olympics in Nagano, came several winter sports titles. Following up the excellent Decathlete game, AM1 created a winter sport version of the title. They have succeeded wonderfully. The game features high rez graphics, and very smooth animation. The game play is simple to pick up and very addictive. It may be called by some a simple 'button masher' but the game is also being called the best one of its type on all platforms. In the snapshots area, you will find a feature list, and a link to a video clip of the game. The game is out in Japan, Europe, and should be available in the US shortly (if not now.)

Other than Winter Heat, there were no new releases. In the 'Now Out' area, I've decided to track Japanese, and European releases as well. I will note each to next title the origin of the game. Now, on to what Capcom is up to....

Capcom of Japan's web site has recently updated their upcoming Saturn game list. First off, making previous rumors official, Biohazard 2 (Resident Evil 2) will be coming to the Saturn. 'The release date was listed as To be Announced.' It is not noted that the game will use any sort of memory cart as with older listings there which include Marvel Super Heroes v. SF and Pocket Fighter. Both of those titles are stated to use the 4Meg cart.

GameArts is also hard at work with Gungriffon II. The popular mech game (somewhat similar to MechWarrior 2) returns with a new enhanced graphics engine, using fully polygonal and light sourced envoirnments.Finally, Gungriffon II will have two player abilities using the system-to-system link cable. Two player options include cooperative, versus, and survival mode.

That's all for this week...cya!


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