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Newsletter from 01-18-98
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01-18-98 { New Pres, WD Dumps Lunar for Saturn, Upcoming Games, and more... }

Hello all!


This past week has been rather quiet for Sega. However, Sega Enterprises has announced that Shoichiro Irimajiri would be promoted to President of the company. Previously, Irimajiri was VP of Sega Enterprises and CEO of Sega of America. It is important to note that while he was CEO of SoA, Bernie Stolar was in control as Stolar is the Chief Operating Officer. Irimajiri's goal was to boost Saturn sales. The recent layoffs at SoA were mainly in the development, PR, and marketing areas. With a new head, it is possible that some high level shuffling will take place at SoA.

Sadly, Working Designs has announced that the long delayed Lunar: Silver Star Story will not be coming to the Saturn in the US. They have announced that the game will be headed for the PSX. The company remains adamant on releasing the way overdue Magic Knight Rayearth. See the news area for full details.

Unfortunately, this leaves the Saturn with very little third party support in America. The only company still on for US Saturn titles is Capcom. However, that too may change as the question of how well a 4Meg cart + game will sell here. That question is also the topic of the latest poll. If the 4Meg cart were released in the US with games such as X-men v. Street Fighter and Vampire Saviour, would you buy it? Probable cost would be around $60 with the cart.

You can vote at:


BTW, Capcom's Vampire Saviour will be coming out this march in Japan and will fully use the 4Meg cart. Speaking of Capcom fighters, the long delayed European release of Marvel Super Heroes should come to an end as the game is slated for a January 24th ship date. SNK will also be bringing out another fighter for the Saturn, this one is King of Fighters '97. The game will use the 1Meg cart and should be out in Japan sometime in March.

Assuming no sudden delays, on January 29th Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG will be out. The game is the third installment in the Panzer Dragoon series. This latest version spans four CDs. A US version is scheduled for a March release.

Here's a description of the game from Sega:

Scattered throughout the world are numerous ruins of civilizations that prospered in ancient times. The ruins are collectively called "Relics" and kept under tight control by the Empire, which uses their mysterious powers to keep tight reins on the populace. The main character, Edge, is a mercenary hired by the Empire as a member of the security force guarding a Relic, which is raided by a fleet led by the black battlecraft of Lord Claymen, the Imperial Special Units Commander who had rebelled against the Emperor. Lord Claymen's highly trained troops quickly overcome and slaughter the poorly-equipped relic guards. Edge watches in hiding as his mates are killed and Lord Claymen's forces steal away with a stone panel bearing the carving of a young woman. Edge vows revenge towards the treacherous Lord Claymen.
The game is simply incredible, and I anxiously await its release. One group which has played it said "a dramatic epic that portrays the growth of the hero Edge and his dragon steed."

New Games

Only one new game: Atelier Marie an RPG by Imadio/Gust. The game puts you, Atelier, as an alchemist. You will better your skills through the game by interacting with other characters, and exploring the world for various items to make your potions. The game uses a 3D isometric overhead view.

In the US, only one new game came out, NHL Hockey '98 from EA. Now, last week EA stated that they would no longer work on Saturn titles. NHL '98 just made it out, and will be the last release on the Saturn by EA. Strangely, EA's web site only lists the game as for the PC and Playstation.

In Europe, again, only one game was released this week, Steep Slope Sliders. You've probably already head enough about the game in previous newsletters so I'll be brief. The game is a downhill and tricks snow boarding game with tons of hidden characters. The overall graphic effect is quite good and gives a great impression of speed. There is some slowdown occasionally but it is negligible. In short, buy it.

That's all this week. I have finals in the coming days so there may or may not be many updates during the week. Until next time, see ya!


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